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JUST Teams Up With Toriyama to Offer Lab-Grown Wagyu Beef

JUST Teams Up With Toriyama to Offer Lab-Grown Wagyu Beef

Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

JUST has announced its partnership with Toriyama to create a lab-grown Wagyu beef that can sustainably reach consumers worldwide.

The cell-cultured Wagyu beef is currently in the development stage

In a recent press release on the partnership, JUST explained the teamwork that will occur between the three companies: “Through a first-of-its-kind partnership, JUST will develop cultured Wagyu beef from Toriyama cells. Then, Awano Food Group (a premier international supplier of meat and seafood) will market and sell the meat to clients, exactly how they do today with conventionally produced Toriyama Wagyu.”

Josh Tetrick, CEO, JUSTAccording to JUST CEO Josh Tetrick in an interview with Quartz, “The first products will likely be ground meat, with an eye to one day grow the kind of steak cuts that often sell for more than $100 a piece.” Toriyama will receive a percentage of the profit per pound of cell-cultured Wagyu beef that JUST produces and sells, according to the company, however the numbers have not been released.

While the product is currently in the development phase, all parties involved are excited to provide the high quality meat to a wider range of consumers and through a more sustainable process. When asked by a journalist about why the company is willing to change its cattle rearing practices after nearly three decades, Wataru Toriyama simply replied: “The point is to deliver deliciousness to everyone.”

Deli Market News will continue to report on the delivery of this sustainable deliciousness as the product continues to be developed.

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