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Niman Ranch Taps Kerri McClimen as New Director Of Communications

Niman Ranch Taps Kerri McClimen as New Director Of Communications

Monday, March 13th, 2017

Last week, Niman Ranch announced the appointment of Kerri McClimen to the position of Director of Communications. In this newly-created role, McClimen will promote the company’s anti-biotic free, high-quality meats while at the same time highlighting the successes of key partners, farmers, customers, and chefs.

Kerri McClimen, Director of Communications, Niman Ranch“Niman Ranch is a company that chefs, progressive-minded consumers, environmentalists, the public health and scientific communities admire for its integrity and commitment to reducing the United States’ reliance on antibiotics while producing the highest-quality product,” said McClimen, in a company press release. “It is a natural fit and personal goal for me to work for a mission-based organization such as Niman Ranch. I am thrilled to be a part of their close-knit team.”

McClimen brings 25 years of media management and public policy experience to her new role. She has worked in various capacities for Fortune 100 companies as well as members of the United States Congress.

Before joining the preeminent provider of humanely and sustainably raised pork, beef, and lamb, McClimen served as a consultant to The Pew Charitable Trusts (PEW). There she worked on the Campaign on Human Health and Industrial Farming and the Antibiotic Resistance Project—working to increase the consumption of meat and poultry raised with antibiotics.

Jeff Tripician, General Manager, Niman Ranch"We are thrilled to welcome Kerri McClimen to our socially responsible and mission-driven team," said Jeff Tripician, General Manager of Niman Ranch. “As the industry leader in all-natural meats raised by more than 720 family farmers committed to sustainable and humane practices, it is critical that we support our communications outreach and thought leadership. Kerri’s experience and success at PEW with educating consumers and the industry about the need for antibiotic stewardship in agriculture makes her uniquely qualified to support us in achieving our mission.”

We at Deli Market News congratulate Kerri on her new role and wish her and the Niman Ranch team well. 

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