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Oscar Mayer Announces Major Quality Improvements to Its Iconic Hot Dogs

Oscar Mayer Announces Major Quality Improvements to Its Iconic Hot Dogs

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

The Oscar Mayer brand has announced changes the company is calling “radical” to its full line of hot dogs, with the goal of being the first to market options with no added nitrates, nitrites, or artificial preservatives in its meat.

“Oscar Mayer is America’s most iconic hot dog brand, and, as the equity leader, we felt it was time to take a stand for the love of a better hot dog,” said Head of Marketing Greg Guidotti. “We heard from hot dog fans across the country that they wanted a hot dog without artificial preservatives in meat or added nitrates and nitrites–all without compromising on the great Oscar Mayer taste they know and love.”

With no by-products in its hot dogs, the company has set a summer goal of getting a hot dog in every hand.

Oscar Mayer Bus

Guidotti added, “While it wasn’t an easy task, we’re excited to say that we did it. Across every single one of our hot dogs…No added nitrates or nitrites. No artificial preservatives. No by-products. And, all while delivering the same great taste. Oscar Mayer is the first national brand to do it across every single one of our hot dogs, and we did this without changing the price to our consumers. We’re excited that everyone will now have access to a better quality hot dog with the best quality ingredients.”

With the help of its famed Wienermobile teams, Oscar Mayer said its revamped product and the vehicle modeled after it are literally being taken where it’s never been before.

Whitney Shaw, Director of Oscar Mayer Brand Build, Oscar Mayer“When we say we’re going to great lengths to get our hot dogs in every hand, we mean it,” said Director of Oscar Mayer Brand Build Whitney Shaw. “We’re putting the Wienermobile on-water in New York Harbor for the first time, visiting remote towns outside the contiguous United States, and empowering the Wienermobile drivers to make as many off-the-beaten-path stops as they can make. We’re doing it all for the love of hot dogs.”

Six Wienermobile vehicles will be on the road all summer long, from the Statue of Liberty, to remote towns like Whittier, Alaska, and many stops in between. The ‘mission’ is being supported through a versatile marketing campaign spanning TV, print, digital, social and PR support. Fans are encouraged to use #ForTheLoveOfHotDogs to tell the Wienermobile teams where to go.

With three months of ventures to come for, keep checking in with Deli Market News.

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