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Paul Atwater Shares the Tasty Details Behind Fiamma Fire Braised Meats

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

Snacking innovations and tasty baked creations weren’t the only focus of this year’s IDDBA. Deli meats had their own special spotlight on the show floor, as companies showcased their most flavorful and wholesome lines.

Paul Atwater, Brand Manager at Hormel FoodsAs Paul Atwater, Brand Manager at Hormel Foods, recently told me, the company has its own attention-grabbing line in the flame-seared selections of Hormel’s Fiamma Fire Braised Meats

“It’s engulfing the product completely in flame, which gives it that lovely, charred dark appearance,” Paul says as he discusses the origins of the line’s name from the show floor. “It’s very practical as well too, because it locks in all the juices.” 

Hormel Fiamma Fire Braised Meat

Paul says that the line is made of three different protein-filled selections of turkey, ham, and beef. The meats contain only whole muscle meat with no MSG, binders, colors, or fillers. 

Although most notable for its use as top selection for sandwiches, Paul says the company is looking to expand the line's usage into a diverse offering which will span the deli world. 

Hormel Fiamma Fire Braised Meat

For more information, visit the company’s Fiamma Fire Braised Meats site here, and watch the exclusive video above!

Hormel Foods