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Piller's Fine Foods' Stephanie Egan Talks Black Kassel's New Salami Whips and Salami Chips

Piller's Fine Foods' Stephanie Egan Talks Black Kassel's New Salami Whips and Salami Chips

Monday, November 13th, 2017

Premium deli meat brand Black Kassel has introduced two new lines of Central European-inspired snacks. Using the same authentic Old World traditions and legendary taste that flavor the brand’s retail offerings, Black Kassel’s Salami Whips and Salami Chips offer a convenient, sharable, pre-packaged, and shelf-stable product sure to resonate with on-the-go consumers.

“Authenticity continues to be a key trend in food, including snack foods,” says Stephanie Egan, Marketing Manager, Piller’s Fine Foods. “Consumers are interested in authentic food experiences and a return to the values of craftsmanship and time-honoured traditions.

Salami Whips

Crafted according to authentic Central European recipes, Black Kassel’s Salami Whips offer a unique flavor profile, soft, tender bite, and an ample supply of protein. Each package of salami whips contains eight feet of traditional European salami, naturally cold smoked over selected hardwoods and semi-dry aged.

Black Kassel Salami Whips

What’s more, Salami Whips are free of lactose, MSG, and all major food allergens. And with their easy-peel, re-sealable M.A.P. packaging, Salami Whips are a convenient way to snack on the go, satisfy an afternoon craving, or stock a charcuterie board with ease.

Salami Chips

In a convenient, “chip-like,” thin sliced format perfect for snacking or topping hors d'oeuvres, Black Kassel’s Salami Chips are cold smoked, dry aged, and free of major food allergens (milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans).

Black Kassel Salami Chips

They require no refrigeration and make an ideal grab-and-go option for retail destinations in the deli department and beyond.

Both Black Kassel’s Salami Whips and Chips are available in two popular flavors: Old Forest—a well-balanced Old World-inspired flavor with a hint of pepper and ash wood-smokiness—and Picante—a vibrant, spicy variety with hints of paprika, onion, and habenero. Further, these items extend the Black Kassel brand into the growing snack category, and appeal to a younger, active audience.

Black Kassel Whips and Chips Platter

“Snacking is a growing category, with 83% of consumers snacking daily in 2016, compared to 76% in 2014. And, our new line of snacks appeals to the millennial demographic, who are more partial to new and different tastes than older consumers,” says Egan. “When snacking, 45% of millennials want anything new and different, compared to 35% of boomers, and 25% of Gen X’rs.”

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