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Schaller & Weber's Jesse Denes Talks Expansions and New Growth

Schaller & Weber's Jesse Denes Talks Expansions and New Growth

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

There’s a true integration of history behind the tasty offerings at Schaller & Weber, one that is building a name for the company and its high-end and truly artisan meats. With the company’s focus on its German heritage paired with modern twists, it’s preparing to take the retail sector by storm. And with major expansions on the horizon, the company is setting the foundation for success. 

As Jesse Denes, Director of Marketing, recently told me, Schaller & Weber is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year in the best way possible; by not slowing down. In a company that first began in the early 1900s with a set of retail shops, Schaller & Weber is now in its third generation producing high-quality meats to retailers and foodservice with Jeremy Schaller as President at the helm. 

Jesse Denes, Director of Marketing, Schaller & Weber“Jeremy’s promotion couldn’t have come at a better time,” Jesse divulges. “With certain shifts in the market, Jeremy was acutely aware of what we needed to stay competitive and grow the business. All of our work over the past two to three years has been to get us to this point, laying the foundation.”

Since 2015, the company has updated its packaging and systems, streamlined how it offers and inventories its product, and started updating its recipes to go all natural. One of its biggest progressions was moving facilities to one that could handle the growing output of Schaller & Weber. 

Visit Schaller & Weber at SFFS, booth 5830

 Jesse tells me that as the company enacts further growth across the board, it maintains the same mantra that its Founder laid down: “Never sacrifice quality.”

“We’re expanding our sales force, reinvesting in marketing, building our social presence, and unveiling a new website,” Jesse continues. “We’re also finishing up our move towards all natural products. Our bacon should be all natural in the next two months, with sausages following suit by the year’s end. All with the same high-quality specialty taste we’re known for.”

Schaller & Weber is also looking towards more unconventional means to continue its upward momentum. Together, Jesse and Jeremy launched Schaller’s Stube Sausage Bar, a new street-style food stand that puts the company’s quality selections into craveable applications. 

The Schaller & Weber teams, from its founding and now

“Schaller’s Stube Sausage Bar allows us to showcase Schaller & Weber to a wider audience, while allowing us to inject a bit more of our personalities into the brand,” Jesse says. “We’re eying more locations for that aspect as well. We’ve also been working on some really cool video recipes with our buddy Claire Robinson from The Food Network.”

No matter whether it’s from a retail or foodservice angle, Schaller & Weber is looking to take over the market one premium meat offering at a time. 

Stay tuned to Deli Market News as this growing brand unfolds!

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