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Smoking Goose Teams Up with Cardinal Spirits Distillery to Create Terra Gin Salame

Smoking Goose Teams Up with Cardinal Spirits Distillery to Create Terra Gin Salame

Friday, June 8th, 2018

Now consumers can have the best of both worlds—a favorite spirit and a go-to salame. Smoking Goose and distillery Cardinal Spirits have joined forces to bring their limited-edition Terra Gin Salame to charcuterie boards. This is just the first of three spirited-inspired charcuterie collaborations for Smoking Goose coming this year.

The three spirits-inspired charcuterie board offerings to join the lineup this year are as follows:

  • Terra Gin Salame—available now
  • A batch of Smoking Goose’s Gin and Juice Salame made with lamb and Cardinal Spirits’ Standard Dry Gin botanical blend—available late summer/early fall
  • Holiday Ham cured with Cardinal Spirits’ Lake House Spiced Rum—available this winter

Adam Quirk, Co-Founder, Cardinal Spirits“Charcuterie and cocktails are a natural pair, and we find that Terra Gin cocktails in particular are wonderful with cured meats. The woodsy, bright botanical blend is just right. So, we had a hunch to take it a step further,’ Co-Founder of Cardinal Spirits Adam Quirk said. “Plus, it was a great excuse for us to spend time making meat with Smoking Goose—they are the best at what they do.”

Smoking Goose salame (left) and Terra Gin (right)

Available at three locations, sliced to order at the Indianapolis-based Goose the Market, on the menu at Sun King Brewing-positioned OCA in Indianapolis, and the menu at Cardinal Spirits’ cocktail bar and restaurant at the Bloomington distillery. In addition to the use of local and pasture-raised American Guinea hogs and house-cured salt pork, the new creation is made with the same custom spice blend that Cardinal Spirits uses to distill its gold-medal Terra Botanical Gin. The result is a salame boasting of bright, floral flavors in the rich and sweet pork.

Collaboration salame production

The pairing is likely to lead to a successful launch, as Terra Botanical Gin earned a gold medal and has been dubbed “Best in Class” by the American Distilling Institute, according to a press release. To bring out the best the gin has to offer, Smoking Goose uses single-source hogs from Bittersweet Heritage Farm in Spencer, Indiana. Known as the descendants of wild hogs from the Canary Islands and off the Guinea coast, this breed offers a unique flavor and sweet meat.

Will we see more spirits-themed charcuterie board offerings after Smoking Goose’s beefed-up lineup? Deli Market News will keep you updated on the tasty items joining delis.

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