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Tyson Appoints New Leadership Team, Three Execs Depart

Tyson Appoints New Leadership Team, Three Execs Depart

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

After the company’s most successful quarter to date, Tyson Foods, Inc. has unveiled a new enterprise leadership team to further propel the company forward and accelerate growth.

Tom Hayes, President and CEO, Tyson Foods

“Today’s announcement underscores our commitment to having the best possible management team in place, which will be crucial to achieving our objectives and continued excellence,” said President and CEO Tom Hayes, who will supervise the team.

This talented and proven team of professionals brings together deep and diverse experience, and is expected to establish leading capabilities for Tyson Foods along the entire food value chain, from agriculture to dining culture.

The company’s new senior leadership team will increase focus on consumers, customers, technology, and sustainability. By providing clear priority and accountability in these four areas, along with a structure designed for collaboration and agile decision-making, the company foresees the new team leading to continued success in a changing market.

According to a press release, the new team includes:

  • Sally Grimes, President, North American Retail
  • Andy Callahan, President, North American Foodservice & International
  • Noel White, Chief Operations Officer
  • Monica McGurk, Chief Growth Officer
  • Dennis Leatherby, Chief Financial Officer
  • Scott Rouse, Chief Customer Officer
  • David Van Bebber, General Counsel
  • Devin Graham, (Interim) Chief Technology Officer
  • Mary Oleksiuk, Chief Human Resources Officer

In connection with these appointments, Tyson Foods also announced the departure of Donnie King, President North American Operations; Sara Lilygren, Executive Vice President Corporate Affairs; and Gary Cooper, Chief Information Officer. These departures will occur over a period of several months to allow for a smooth transition.

“On behalf of the Board and management, I would like to thank Donnie, Sara and Gary for their hard work and meaningful contributions to Tyson Foods,” Hayes noted. “As a result of their efforts, we are well positioned to execute against our priorities and realize long-term value for our stakeholders. We wish them well.”

Hayes also noted that the new team was largely recruited from within the ranks of Tyson.

“These important changes better align our management structure to our purpose and strategy. This new structure and will facilitate efficiency and growth, as well as lay the foundation for strong leadership and management continuity,” added Hayes “I’m deeply proud that we were able to fill most of these roles from within, tapping the abundance of talent and dedication we have here at Tyson Foods.”

We at Deli Market News would like to congratulate the incoming team on their new appointments—and wish Donnie, Sara, and Gary the best in their future endeavors. 

Tyson Foods