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Volpi's Tim Urban Discusses New and Featured Products

Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Volpi Foods has combined convenience and excellence with both its new and tried-and-true products. Tim Urban, Chief Commercial Officer for the company, took some time to chat with me at this year’s Winter Fancy Food Show; he dove right into how things are looking on Volpi’s front.

Volpi snacks

Tim told me the company has a new remedy for prosciutto yearnings: Volpi's heritage breed prosciutto, which we previously reported on. Volpi partners with small farmers to provide customers a prosciutto variety that delivers taste and excellence right down to every detail of its curation. And, if you ask me, it’s prosciutto time, all the time.

Tim Urban, Chief Commercial Officer, Volpi Foods“We have our amazing snack products, which are our fastest growing items that are out there, which really, not only are very phenomenal for business development, but really talk to the transcendency that is going on in specialty foods,” Tim shared with me. “And now we’re finding that the convenience sector, all these great sectors, are bringing these items in and their highly performing products.”

To jump on board the snacking trends, Tim told me that the company is showcasing its Roltini line. Offering on-the-go luxury, this snack item is a delicious, savory product that can even be found in the convenience of 7-Elevens.

Volpi Roltini singles

How will Volpi, and others in our industry, continue to make its way into the hearts and bellies of those looking for flavor-packed specialty meats in convenient places? Deli Market News will keep you up to speed with more industry news!

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