If you have the sandwich, we have the sauce.

Mike Seeger Talks Tribe Mediterranean's Swirl Hummus

Mike Seeger, Vice President of Sales for Tribe Mediterranean, took the time to share the company's latest item in greater depth with DeliMarket News.

“We invented proprietary swirled hummus,” he tells us, highlighting the signature stamp the company has made on the upward trending hummus category.

As we previously reported, the unique product comes in several flavors, including:

  • Sweet Red Pepper - Features Tribe’s Sweet Red Pepper hummus base with a ribbon of sweet red pepper spun through the bowl.
  • Garlic & Herb - Tribe weaves a ribbon of garlic and parsley into its Garlic flavor hummus.
  • Fiery Sriracha -  The brand has seen a popular reception for its Fiery Sriracha hummus, and as a result has layered even more of the spicy sauce to “bring the heat.”
  • Salsa Hummus - This flavor incorporates Tribe’s creamy Classic hummus with a smooth salsa to combine the tastes of both worlds.

One availability Mike spoke on was Tribe’s Farmers Market, geared specifically toward ‘foodies.’

“It’s not just garlic, or red pepper, or classic,” he said. “It’s a cucumber dill, or a vine-ripened tomato.”

To hear him speak more in-depth about these items that boosted sales incrementally and inspired Tribe to bring them on as full-time items, watch the full 57 second video above.

If you have the sandwich, we have the sauce.

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