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MOM's Organic Market's Chris Miller Offers Deli Department Details

MOM's Organic Market's Chris Miller Offers Deli Department Details

Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

For over 30 years, MOM’s Organic Market has been providing fresh and healthy products to consumers. In that time, the company has gone from a hundred dollar home delivery business to a fresh food staple of the Chesapeake and Northeastern U.S.—expanding to four states and Washington DC. The Maryland-based retailer has made it a point to provide consumers with a selection curated with the utmost attention to healthy products, humane husbandry, sustainable farming practices, and the highest standards of taste and quality.

I recently spoke with Chris Miller, Regional Coordinator, Produce, Meat, Bulk, Seafood, Cheese, to learn more about the company’s approach to the deli department and how its principled approach translates to its in-store assortment.

Chris Miller, Regional Coordinator, Produce, Meat, Bulk, Seafood, Cheese, MOM’s Organic Market“We don’t have a traditional deli department at MOM’s. I would say our deli and meat department are a single entity. Our meat department is typically small in footprint and houses our deli items as well as our fresh meat, and we oversee our specialty cheese case as well,” Chris explained. “Our baseline standard is everything is antibiotic-free. From there, we definitely prioritize Certified Organic as much as possible. We don’t require seals, but we do prioritize any certified humane or animal welfare approved items, and we have our own standards that we vet to, in terms for any suppliers that do not hold a third party certification.”

Chris told me that the company prioritizes local products whenever possible, and noted that taste and quality are, obviously, of paramount importance too, as is keeping value a key decision maker for MOM’s shoppers.

At MOM's meat and deli department, everything is antibiotic-free, and Certified Organic is prioritized as much as possible

“We’re looking for the best products with the cleanest ingredients possible,” Chris explained, “and third-party certification is definitely a plus.”

One of the unique features that sets MOM’s apart from other retailers is its list of banned ingredients. From chemical dough conditioners and leavening agents in breads to nitrates and nitrites in cured meats, the retailer’s assortment is always stocked with items that are free from a list of more than 100 potentially harmful ingredients and additives.

“We’re always keeping a lookout for things like synthetic nitrates and nitrites and high-risk GMO ingredients,” noted Chris.

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In this respect, the company is at the forefront of clean label trends, and when I ask Chris about the specialty cheeses he’s most excited about, he rattles off three cheesemakers that are clean, sustainably-sourced, and delicious.

“There’s a local goat cheese producer—FireFly Farms—out of Accident, Maryland; they produce really excellent, super-clean, sustainable local goat cheese in our state. They’ve got an excellent line; they’re great to work with. The Deer Creek Vat 17 World Cheddar has been a good cheese for me—a really nice cheese,” said Chris. “Another great one is Neighborly Farms of Vermont, which is now a collaboration, from a marketing standpoint, with Equal Exchange. They have an excellent line of Certified Organic raw milk Cheddars. They have a nice line of high quality cheeses, and partnership with Equal Exchange is a big plus from our standpoint as well.”

For more on the retailers keeping assortments fresh, healthy, and tasty, keep reading Deli Market News.

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