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New Linde Automated Box Chilling System Speeds Meat and Seafood Packing

New Linde Automated Box Chilling System Speeds Meat and Seafood Packing


Linde LLC’s new DRI PACK@ automated box chilling system is chilling meat, poultry and seafood more safely and efficiently than when packed with water ice or dry ice.

The company designed this system and built it to USDA requirements and is intended for use with new or existing packaging operations. It quickly fills boxes up to 24 inches wide with CO2 snow as they travel along a conveyor belt.

According to a press release from Linde, the benefits of this system include:

  • Automated system reduces labor costs
  • Provides for more accurate and consistent use of CO2
  • Gently distributes CO2 snow in open boxes or totes
  • Adapts to most conveyor lines.

This system uses the extremely cold CO2 snow to quickly chill the food product, locking in moisture and preserving freshness and quality without any liquid.

It also offers safety advantages as well as eliminating the storage and physical handling of ice, and the equipment includes a shroud around the chute to vent waste gasses outside.

The company’s food team performs in-plant assessments to identify current cost-to-chill as well as working with processors to develop optimal process solutions.

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