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Organic Valley Expands Grass-Fed Product Line With Fat Free Grassmilk®

Organic Valley Expands Grass-Fed Product Line With Fat Free Grassmilk®

Tuesday, January 5th, 2021

Always one to stay on top of consumer demand, Organic Valley is celebrating the new year by adding a new product to its 100 percent grass-fed milk line. Hitting shelves soon, the company’s new Organic Valley Fat Free Grassmilk® will offer shoppers a lower-fat option to meet their needs.

Alex Schams, Brand Manager, Organic Valley“Organic Valley identified a consumer desire for a fat-free grass-fed option,” said Alex Schams, Brand Manager. “With an extensive network of farmer-owners who dedicate their herds to grassmilk production, Organic Valley is uniquely qualified to meet this demand in the organic dairy sector.”

With demand for milk from grass-fed cows on the rise, boasting a three-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) increase of 27 percent according to SPINS, and an estimated 34 percent of grass-fed customers searching for fat free or low-fat milk, Organic Valley is using its expertise to capitalize on the growing market with this recent line expansion.

Organic Valley's new Fat Free Grassmilk® is expected to hit retail shelves soon

Organic Valley’s new Fat Free Grassmilk provides the same nutrient density and commitment to 100 percent grass-fed cows as the rest of its popular product line, according to a release from the company. All of the company’s milk is made from third-party certified grass-fed cows raised on organic family farms and are at pasture over 150 days a year.

Cows used to produce Organic Valley milk are fed 100 percent grass and dried forages and never fed grain. As a result of the brands dedication and practices, each of its milk products features subtle seasonal flavors of the pastures that grass-fed consumers desire, and offers essential nutrients like vitamins A and D.

Available now for order, Organic Valley Fat Free Grass Milk has an SRP of $5.99 for each half-gallon, and will be making its way to stores in January.

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