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Explore Cuisine's Pulse Pasta Line Offers Fresh Flavor, Health Attributes

Explore Cuisine's Pulse Pasta Line Offers Fresh Flavor, Health Attributes

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

Innovative maker of pastas, noodles, and soups, Explore Cuisine, is turning pasta on its head—with a healthy on-trend take on Italian cuisine. The company’s Pulse Pasta line of lentil- and chickpea-based noodles is serving up the nutrition that increasingly-health conscious consumers demand while not sacrificing any of the satisfying taste and texture of traditional pasta.

Erika Wasserman, Vice President of Marketing, Explore Cuisine“The Explore Cuisine Pulse Pastas are not only delicious in taste, but also nutritious,” said Erika Wasserman, Vice President of Marketing. “With simple organic ingredients you can now enjoy a mouth watering pasta with 11g of protein in just 2 oz!”

Available in an assortment of pasta varieties, from spaghetti and lasagna to penne and fusilli, the plant-protein heavy line boast more than just impressive health benefits; it also provides support to farmers and communities in need through the Food To Thrive Foundation.

Pulse Pasta

“At Explore Cuisine we are a mission based company giving back 2% of all proceeds to the Food To Thrive Foundation,” Erika noted. “We are committed to trading fairly and supporting farmers and their communities, so everyone benefits along the way.”

The company offers a number of suggestions for retailers looking to capitalize on Explore Cuisine's on-trend offerings—from creating retail destinations that pair the company’s exceptionally-healthy pastas with the decadent flavors of fresh herbs, artisanal olive oils, meats, and sauces, to online resources primed to drive sales home.

Pulse Pasta

“Retailers can find many ways to showcase the organic pulse pastas with recipe ideas on our website, shippers, cookbook handouts, coupons, and more,” noted Erika. “We work closely with retail dietitians to help bridge the communication from the brand to consumer.”

For more on Explore Cuisine and offerings primed to drive sales in the deli department, stay tuned to Deli Market News.

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