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Forever Cheese Introduces Sbrisolona Mitica® Traditional Mantova Cookie

Forever Cheese Introduces Sbrisolona Mitica® Traditional Mantova Cookie

Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Retailers looking to attract consumers with unique offerings in the bakery aisle should take note; Mediterranean cheese and specialty food importer Forever Cheese is bringing Sbrisolona Mitica®, a traditional Italian confection, to the U.S. market.

Michele Buster, Co-owner, Forever Cheese (Photo: Heritage Radio Network)“We are very excited to finally be able to bring this product to U.S. consumers,” said Michele Buster, Co-Owner, who sourced the company’s supply of Sbrisolona from Panificio Freddi, a 95-year-old family-owned bakery in Mantova.

According to a Forever Cheese press release, Sbrisolona is made with almonds and cornmeal, gets its rich flavor from butter, and its sweetness is tempered by a hint of sea salt. With its crunchy, crumbly texture, the all-natural, preservative-free dessert is similar to a big cookie.

The sweet treat has its origins in Mantova, in the region of Lombardia, where it was developed as a peasant food in the 16th century. The irresistible treat soon became common throughout northern Italy, with commoners and gentry alike.

Traditionally, Italian eaters break of pieces of Sbrisolona by hand rather than cutting them into neat pieces. The confection can be crumbled on yogurt at breakfast or custard as dessert; it pairs perfectly with espresso as an afternoon snack, and even with grappa as an after dinner treat.

Despite being prevalent in bakeries throughout northern Italy, Sbrisolona is not well known in the United States, but now retailers and specialty food stores across the country will have access to the company’s 10.5 ounce packaged confections.

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