La Terra Fina's Stephanie Robbins Discusses Rebrand and Growing Retail Presence

La Terra Fina's Stephanie Robbins Discusses Rebrand and Growing Retail Presence

Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

For nearly 35 years, La Terra Fina has been making gourmet dips, spreads, and more. From its humble beginnings as a caterer’s hand-made recipes, to a club store staple, the company’s focus on providing real quality food has been unwavering. And with a new branding campaign rolling out now, the company is looking to take its rapport with consumers and its retail presence to greater heights.

I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Stephanie Robbins, Director of Brand Development, and find out more about La Terra Fina, its products, and its recent rebranding effort.

Stephanie Robbins, Director of Brand Development, La Terra Fina“We use the highest quality ingredients to make our products,” Stephanie tells me. “Our products are still handmade and have a taste and texture that mirrors that of a home chef, and our new packaging really conveys these qualities.”

With a fresh new logo, a new website coming this fall, and new labeling on all the company’s products, La Terra Fina is embracing its heritage while reinventing its look—adding a fresh, forward-focused take to the company’s beloved stable of dips, spreads, and quiches.

“Since our products are still quite handmade, we created our new logo with a hand drawn looking script; we decided it would be best to take it out of the oval and let it float in the space on the label so that it can breath and feel more organic,” explains Stephanie. “Then we took a look at the ingredients in each of our products and tossed them in the air. Okay, not really—we gave them a look on the label as if they are being tossed in the air. The ingredients are moving and expressive as if you’ve just come home from the farmer’s market and you’re enjoying your delicious, fresh, finds. They’re each interspersed with a brush of color to tie it all together. The colors represent the artisanal aspect of our food along with representing that additional touch of flavor for easy recognition of your favorite.”

Lemon Pepper Asiago Dip

Stephanie tells me that the rebrand is less about reinventing the La Terra Fina brand than it was updating the company’s look to better reflect the exceptional taste and quality ingredients the company’s products are known for.

“It’s more fresh, lively, and filled with the ingredients we love to eat,” Stephanie described, explaining that the new brand identity is a way to further communicate with the company’s growing consumer base. “Our company has been experiencing double- and triple-digit growth, and as we connect with more people, we want to let them know, at the most basic level, of our love for our food and ingredients.”

For Stephanie and the La Terra Fina team, the new packaging is a culmination of a nearly two-year undertaking in which they reassessed everything about their brand. But despite the involved process, she tells me that the rebrand was ultimately thoroughly enjoyable and collaborative.

Parmesan Stuffed Mushroom Slider

“We involved team members that covered all departments and looked at how everyone touches the brand,” Stephanie explained. “Our initial work focused on our logo and retail items including our classic dips, Greek yogurt dips, and quiche. We wanted to be sure we communicated our message without cluttering up the packaging, and we wanted to be sure the labels would grab attention without looking over done.”

Once the company had accomplished the first challenging step of reworking its logo and retail packaging and establishing an overarching aesthetic, the rest of the redesign quickly fell into place, with club products following suit. And, Stephanie told me, the company is currently at work rolling out the fruits of their labor—with new packaging making its way to stores and a new website slated to launch this fall.

Now, with a new brand identity set to continue the company’s trend of explosive growth, La Terra Fina is set to resonate with a new influx of consumers attenuated to the artisanal quality and wholesome ingredients that go into the company’s product. And the innovative company is continuing to explore new categories and means of helping their retail partners captivate consumers.

“In the last few years we’ve been focused on growing our retail presence and as such we’ve been very successful in growing the deli dip category for our customers. We’ve done quite a bit of research and review regarding planograms, placement and SKU mix. We’re showing a variety of well received flavors that include our most classic Artichoke & Jalapeño Dip and Spinach Artichoke & Parmesan Dip, to our very new and exciting Italian Style Tomato & Cheese Dip and Lemon Pepper & Asiago Dip. This variety coupled with our retail programs and research have allowed us to partner with the retailer teams for great success,” said Stephanie. “Our market growth has topped into the triple digits. We really enjoy working directly with each retailer to understand what their shoppers are looking for and how they best respond to products and programs. In addition to our now very popular dips and quiche, we are exploring other categories and platforms to bring great food to the consumers we’ve grown to know so well."

Artichoke Parmesan Dip

And, Stephanie tells me, the company offers a full line of customizable retail support options from in-store signage, couponing programs, and shopper marketing to digital outreach, advertising, and social media. And, perhaps above all else, the company offers consistently excellent products

“We also added a stamp specifically for our products that notes ‘Real Quality Food Since 1983.’ The stamp serves two purposes for us. First, it highlights our commitment to real quality food and the depth of those roots. It also offers the feel of a hand stamped seal, as if the product has been “stamped” with this label to confirm we’ve lived up to this commitment.”

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