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Pappy's Fine Foods Highlights Partnerships at Fresno Food Expo, Credits Customer Loyalty for Success

Pappy's Fine Foods Highlights Partnerships at Fresno Food Expo, Credits Customer Loyalty for Success

Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

Family-owned and operated Pappy’s has been a staple of the central California food scene for more than thirty years. The company’s line of signature spice blends, sauces, and marinades have been supplying major retailers and foodservice providers for years.

Pappy's products in a gift pack

Pappy's operates with the idea that if you give the consumer a quality product they will keep coming back. We make everything to order and have done so from day one. This ensures consumers will get the freshest spice blends available,” Max Miljevich, VP of Sales and Marketing told me. “Pappy's offers twelve different spice blends from all-purpose rubs to specialty blends formulated for veggie and seafood. We also offer four marinades and four sauces, which can be used as either marinades or as dipping sauces.”

The Fresno-based spice makers can trace its roots in our industry back more than fifty years. In 1960, Al “Pappy” Papulias, along with his wife Marie, started Pappy Meat Company Inc. After Pappy passed away, his youngest son Edward founded Pappy’s Fine Foods in 1984 with support from his siblings. Now, 33 years later, three generations of family members make up the Pappy’s team, and Max tells me, the company is working toward the same goal as it did when it was a meat company—to produce high quality products at affordable prices.

The Papulias Family, From Left: Edward, Lenny, Ted, Marie, Keith, and Trish Papulias

The company’s commitment, however timeless, though, doesn’t restrict Pappy’s from taking risks. In fact, Max told me, the company is always looking to the next innovation in an effort to maintain its place with consumers.

Pappy's always has an eye towards formulating for future products,” Max explained, noting that the company’s latest endeavor is a joint venture with Certified Meat Products. “We are proud of our joint product partnerships, such as the current one with Certified Meat Products. Certified came to us with an idea to develop a product for the 7th annual Fresno Food Expo, held in July. They wanted a spice blend to highlight and not take away from their fantastic cuts of high quality meat.”

After half a year of effort to custom develop a new spice blend, the two company’s unveiled the fruits of their efforts at this years Fresno Food Expo.  “We finished in the top ten of the new product awards and had interests during the Expo from multiple retail companies,” Max noted.

Pappy’s currently sells to major retailers like Smart & Final, Save Mart, Costco, Sam’s Club, and Winco Foods, as well as foodservice partners like JD Foods, Sysco, Tony’s, and Saladinos. Additionally, the company partners with companies like Harris Ranch Beef Company and Foster Farms.

Pappy's Certified Meat Products Steak 'N Grill

Despite the company’s successes, though, Max said, Pappy’s owes its enduring success to loyal fans and an exceptional product.

Pappy's is a true family run operation that owes its success to our consumers. Without their sometimes rabid love of our product, we would not have the success we have now,” added Max. “We are where we are now because our customers love our product and share it with others. Remember, you're not happy until you've had Pappy's.”

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