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Rio Bravo Ranch Olive Oils Win Five Awards in 2017

Rio Bravo Ranch Olive Oils Win Five Awards in 2017

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

Rio Bravo Ranch, a Kern County institution situated on 9000 acres, began its olive oil program only a half-decade ago. And in 2017, the company’s investment in oil, so to speak, is beginning to pay big dividends—with five prestigious prizes earned just this year.

James Nickel, Owner, Rio Bravo Ranch

“I started our olive oil program about five years ago, and this year we finally got our programmed dialed in and won five awards for our olive oil in 2017,” Owner James Nickel says. Jamie notes that while new to olive oil, the Nickel family has been involved in agriculture for seven generations. The family has over 150 years of history in California agriculture, cultivating across categories as diverse as tomatoes, citrus, wine grapes, almonds, and melons. 

Rio Bravo Ranch Olive Trees

And now Rio Bravo Ranch’s latest venture is maturing into an exceptional award-winning success. Already in 2017, Rio Bravo Ranch’s oils have taken home the following prizes:

  • Gold and Silver Medals in the California Olive Oil Council (COOC) 2017 competition, for its Picual and Frantoio varieties, respectively
  • Two Gold Medals at the Central Coast Olive Oil 2017 competition for the company’s Picual and Coratina varieties
  • Bronze in the Los Angeles EVOO 2017 competition for its Coratina variety

Rio Bravo Ranch offers several different olive oil varieties including: 

  • Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil – a pungent and robust olive oil with a capsicum-like pepperiness
  • Nocellara del Belice Extra Virgin Olive Oil – a light fruity oil made from a large, plump olive suitable for use as table olives
  • Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil – made from a late-ripening olive that produces high-quality oil with an intense fruitiness and pungency 
  • Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil – a powerful and flavorful oil that produces a noticeable “bite” in the back of the throat and stands up to high heat during cooking

Rio Bravo Ranch Olives

Additionally, the company offers garlic-, jalapeño-, and lemon-infused oils—that lend themselves well to cross promotion with fresh baked products—and an Ascolana Limited Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Rio Bravo Ranch olive oils are available in attractively-labelled 250ml and 500ml bottles.

Deli Market News will continue to report on this and other exceptional product lines in our industry.

Rio Bravo Ranch

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