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33 Books Co. Launches Cheese-Making Log

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

33 Books Co. today announced a new cheese-making notebook, 33 Wheels of Cheese, a logbook designed to help home cheesemakers document their cheese-making efforts for posterity and later reference.

Claudi Lucero, Cheesemaker, Author, Urban Cheesecraft“The advice I always give to new cheese-makers is ‘write it down,’” says Claudia Lucero, accomplished cheese-maker, author, and co-creator of the cheese-making logbook, “When you discover you made a mistake along the way, good notes on your process help diagnose any problems so you can avoid them in future batches. But even moreimportantly, good notes will help you repeat those cheeses that turned out especially well—so you can make them again and again!”

Cheese Log Size Comparison
Cheese Log Size Comparison

Lucero should know. As the founder of Urban Cheesecraft, the Portland company behind a unique set of home cheese-making kits, she’s helped thousands of home cheese-makers enter the hobby.

Wheels Spread
Wheels Spread

Dave Seldon, Author, 33 Wheels of Cheese“When you love cheese, it isn’t long before you start eyeing that gallon of milk in the fridge and wondering if it couldn’t be turned into something a little more spreadable,” says Dave Selden, Lucero’s co-creator and founder of 33 Books Co. “Making cheese seems intimidating, but with a good recipe and some nice milk, you quickly realize how rewarding it is without a lot of effort or equipment.”

33 Wheels of Cheese follows the release of 33 Pieces of Cheese, the popular cheese-tasting notebook from 33 Books Co. which debuted in 2010. Like its predecessor, the cheese-making logbook contains 33 pages of note-taking space and is designed to work for amateurs and professionals alike.

Cheese Ink Addition
Cheese Ink Addition

The inside front cover of the book contains helpful references to help cheese-makers decode milk labels and commonly encountered cheese-making terms, joining the company’s series of logbooks designed for do-it-yourself coffee roasters, beer- and cider-makers.

33 Wheels of Cheese is available now for $7 each at and finer DIY and homebrew stores nationwide. Volume pricing for interested retailers can be obtained by e-mailing

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