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Chukar Cherries Brings Rose-Hued Change as Spring Debuts Cherry Blossoms

Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

March holds the key to a much-anticipated winter’s end for vast portions of the nation. A fresh, rose-hued change is on the way. Cherry blossom festivals from Waimea, Kauai, to Washington, DC, are starting to kick off. And Chukar Cherries is showcasing Cherry Blossoms of their own at the United States Capitol.

Blooming pink and white flowers with a delicate scent embody the idea of spring. Chukar’s own Cherry Blossoms were inspired by this magical time of year. Montmorency dried tart cherries, coated in a both milk and white chocolate, are enhanced with cherry essence. Their suiting pink presence is on display for purchase at the U. S. Capitol gift shop in Washington, DC.

Chukar Cherry Blossoms

Celebrated as the nation’s largest cherry blossom display, thousands of blooming Yoshino cherry trees throughout the Washington, DC park areas is a pivotal sign of seasonal change. Springtime gives reason to reflect, be inspired, celebrate, and enjoy. Nationwide cherry blossom festivals allow us to pause and take in this majestic debut. Honor this change as you will; a parade, selfie, or eating a bowl of Chukar Cherry Blossoms. Colorful change means spring is on the way.

Chukar products are made with all-natural ingredients grown in the Pacific Northwest and handmade in Prosser, WA. All Chukar brand products can be purchased online at CHUKAR.COM, by calling 800-624-9544, or by visiting Chukar’s company-owned stores in Seattle’s Pike Place Market and Prosser, WA.

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