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Chukar Cherries Has National Nutrition Month in the Bag, Literally

Monday, March 26th, 2018

After much anticipation, spring is finally here. As some of us look at National Nutrition Month sheepishly remembering our New Year’s resolutions, fret not. ChukarCherries offers healthy, nutritious products to motivate and feed active lifestyles.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics themed the 2018 National Nutrition Month “Go Further with Food.” Fueling your body with nature’s best options can have impactful results. Chukar cherries are naturally dried, with no preservatives, no sulfites, no thing artificial. Gluten-free and no sugar added options make Chukar a go to place for the good, pure nourishment.

Chukar Cherry Almond Granola

“We are a cherry company, that’s how we began. We wanted to harness nature’s goodness. Now we offer that goodness through all our products” smiles Teresa, Chukar’s Sales Manager.

With a whole month dedicated to nutrition awareness there is plenty of time to sample the myriad of flavors Chukar has bagged up and ready for you. Cherry Almond Granola will start your day off with a smile and Triple Cherry Nut Mix will meet you on the trail. Whatever your list of accomplishments entails, Chukar has a product to match your task list. Whichever path you take this month, celebrate it with something sweet, something natural, and something cherry.

Chukar products are made with all-natural ingredients grown in the Pacific Northwest and handmade in Prosser, WA. All Chukar brand products can be purchased online at CHUKAR.COM, by calling 800-624-9544, or by visiting Chukar’s company-owned stores in Seattle’s Pike Place Market and Prosser, WA.

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