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Earth Day Reminds Us It’s Not Just Cherry Choices at Chukar

Monday, April 30th, 2018

Sunday, April 23rd, is the world’s largest environmental movement; Earth Day. A day to celebrate the planet and take stock of what steps we are taking to save it. In an age of prepackaged, premade and convenient options it’s important to make choices that have lasting effects. Chukar Cherries is taking strides to make a difference and it starts with their packaging.

Tim Oten, General Manager, Chukar CherriesChukar coined the phrase The Best of Nature, Best of Chocolate® because of a genuine belief that combining the purest form of nature’s peak fruit products with artisan chocolate is a pinacol of achievement. In every business there is byproduct and waste. Chukar has sought ways to reduce waste and create earth friendly choices. Starting with their packaging choices, Chukar elected plant based options that are biodegradable and recyclable. “We believe in balancing what we take from nature and giving back as much as we can.” Says Tim Oten, General Manager.

Chukar Cherries

In addition to biodegradable and recyclable packages, all Chukar shipments are carbon neutral with UPS, as denoted by a green sticker on all packages. Chukar also implemented the use of biodegradable carry out bags at retail locations. And all sales materials and catalogs hold a FCS certification showing dedication to responsible paper sources. Chukar’s drive to go green, give back and take ownership has propelled them into using cherry pits as renewable biofuel and stems for tea. The list of efforts continues to grow.

So whether a customer is shipping a box of delicious Chukar products to their home or picking up a bag at Pike Place Market they can rest assured that great lengths have gone into procuring earth friendly options.

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