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Hissho Turns 20

Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

Hissho turns 20! Once a small business based out of a home’s kitchen, Hissho has grown into a nationally known sushi company with more than 1,200 locations.

Philip Maung founded Hissho with a vision to offer premium, high-quality sushi to shoppers at a value. This drive and determination, coupled with the explosive popularity of sushi in recent years has propelled Hissho’s incredible growth. Maung sold the majority of Hissho Sushi in April 2017, and although not involved in the day to day operations, still maintains a close connection to the company.

Danny Beem, CEO, Hissho SushiNew leadership, led by CEO Danny Beem, brings a wealth of experience that guarantees Hissho will continue to grow. Beem says, “I am truly amazed at what Hissho Sushi has accomplished over the past 20 years. What Philip Maung created back in 1998 is a company that truly enriches the lives of its team members. So, as we celebrate our 20th Anniversary, I am humbled to be able to shepherd this incredible brand and be able to follow in Philip’s footsteps.”

Breana Jones, Marketing Director, Hissho SushiIn the competitive field of sushi, Hissho continues to gain ground by offering fresh, high-quality sushi to shoppers looking for convenient and delicious options. Currently surpassing 1,200 locations in 40 states, plus the District of Columbia, Hissho is focusing on sustainability and innovative ideas going forward. As Hissho moves into this new chapter, the focus is continuing to align with shoppers and our retail partners. Marketing Director, Breana Jones, says, “our mission is to be the ultimate solution provider for those seeking sushi.”

Congratulations to our Partners, our Employees and our Franchisees for their devotion and loyalty through these 20 years. Thank you!

For more information, please see www.hisshosushi.com, or contact Andrea Lee @ 704-926-3989 / [email protected]

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