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Nestlé Professional Enhances Partnership with Prepared Foods Operators

Supermarkets’ prepared foods departments comprise an increasingly significant segment of the foodservice industry, with sales growing 10.4% annually between 2006 and 2014 and projected to grow 8.5% annually from 2014 to 2017.1 According to Datassential research, the primary business motivation for supermarket operators is not increasing profits, but rather giving customers what they really want.2

To further its ongoing partnership with decision makers in prepared foods departments, Nestlé Professional surveyed them to learn more about how to best meet their needs. Most operators resonated with the idea that convenient meals with made-from-scratch taste can make consumers’ lives easier.3

Nestlé Professional is serving its customers and strengthening its support of the prepared foods channel by:

  • Providing flavor-forward meal options: In-house chefs work to develop great-tasting, consumer-preferred products that range from traditional favorites to contemporary cuisine. Healthier items with grains interest 66% of consumers,4 and Stouffer’s® Ancient Grains with Parmesan Cream Sauce will launch in July and join the portfolio of freshly made, simply frozen, ready-to-eat entrées, sides and sauces.
  • Focusing on food safety: Nearly four out of five Americans say food safety is a concern,5 and Nestlé Professional makes no compromises with food safety standards, performing more tests—100 million annually—than any company in the world. That commitment to ingredient quality has led to trusted products that operators can serve with peace of mind.
  • Being a forward-thinking resource: Nestlé Professional shares industry insights to help operators offer what consumers are seeking while maximizing their business. After decades of working with restaurant operators to give diners what they want through menu innovation and custom product development, Nestlé Professional has brought its restaurant-quality food to the prepared foods section. Todd Muller, Nestlé Professional Marketing Manager, said, “Many consumers with hectic schedules are looking for quick and easy meals featuring the flavors they love. At Nestlé Professional, we’ve partnered with prepared foods decision makers to help make consumers’ lives better with convenient, great-tasting food that brings smiles to the table.”

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