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Nor-Lake Showcases Energy-Efficient Refrigeration Systems

Thursday, April 26th, 2018

Nor-Lake will be displaying a wide array of products at the National Restaurant Association Show, May 19-22 at McCormick Place in booth #4260.

Nor-Lake will be exhibiting refrigeration systems with Copeland Scroll™ compressors. Scroll compressors provide our customers with highly-engineered, energy-efficient refrigeration systems with:

  • Increased reliability and extended equipment life due to fewer moving parts
  • Up to 20% energy savings and consistent long-term operation over reciprocating compressors
  • Effective management of slug flow without damage to the compressor
  • Quieter operation

There will be subject-matter-experts along with visual aids and a video presentation to educate and inform visitors on the features and benefits of scroll compressors.

Also on display will be the optional Enviro-Control™ electronic controller system for walk-in refrigeration. Enviro-Control is designed to increase reliability, connectivity and food safety while reducing operating costs.

Redesigned AdvantEDGE™ sandwich/salad prep tables will also debut in the Nor-Lake booth with these features:

  • Standard condenser filter screen, removable without tools, for easy condenser coil cleaning resulting in peak efficiency and extended equipment life
  • Front-breathing refrigeration system design allows for zero-clearance installation on sides and back
  • Enclosed drop-in section area keeping food items stored in pans consistently cold

Nor-Lake staff will show how selecting the right refrigeration system can help customers meet the immediate needs of their business by reducing operating costs and service expenses.

For more information on these and additional Nor-Lake products, please visit NRA Booth #4260.

200 plus years of Italian Tradition - Fratelli BerettaBuholzer Brothers - It's more than great cheese - it's our way of life

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