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Old Amsterdam is Going on Tour in the Northeast

Monday, August 6th, 2018

Old Amsterdam cheese, the No. 1 Gouda brand in Holland, is embarking on a grassroots sampling tour in true American road-trip tradition. Old Amsterdam is third-generation, family-owned, with a secret recipe for a mature Gouda distinguished from all others. Between its fine ripening crystals, savory flavor with hints of sweetness, and unique history, you won’t forget the first time you taste Old Amsterdam.

For five weeks, people across the east coast will have a chance to taste and experience the “Gold Standard of Aged Gouda” at events ranging from wine festivals to art fairs, state fairs, and grocery retail activations.

A branded 10x10 tent, sprinter van, photo-op experience, Snapchat filter, and, of course, lots of cheese to sample bring this grassroots activation to life. Old Amsterdam aims to build US brand awareness with one-on-one connection: you’ll fall in love with the taste, and connect with the brand’s rich history.

Old Amsterdam is third-generation, family-owned company with a secret recipe for a mature Gouda distinguished from all others

The tour timeline takes Old Amsterdam across New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut from July 28 - September 3 with keystone fairs and retailer events scheduled each week.

Main events include: The Festival of the Americas (NYC), New Jersey State Fair (Augusta, NJ), 12th Annual Shoreline Wine Festival (Guildford, CT), ADA’s Madison Avenue Fair (NYC), the Atlantic City Airshow (Atlantic City, NJ), and the New York State Fair (Syracuse, NY).

The sampling tour will also be making stops at retailers in each state, including Fairway, King’s Food Market, Stop & Shop, and Balducci’s Market.

For more information about Old Amsterdam, visit

winter fancy food show, free leadsCAPEACHIO’S: Simple Done Right

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