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Seal the Seasons Launches New York and New Jersey Frozen Fruit in the Northeast

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018

Locally-grown frozen fruit is now available 365 days a year in ShopRite stores across the Northeast! ShopRite, which has stores across Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, began carrying five Seal the Seasons products in August.

Consumers want local produce year-round, but they can currently only access it a few weeks out of the year when a crop is in season. Seal the Seasons partners with local farmers in New York and New Jersey to freeze their produce and make local fruit available 365 days a year in the frozen aisle.

"ShopRite has been partnering with local farmers and food producers since our inception more than 70 years ago," said Derrick Jenkins, Vice President of Produce and Floral at ShopRite. "Seal the Seasons is a natural fit for us at ShopRite and a great way to get locally grown produce in store all year long."

With the 2018 crop season, Seal the Seasons is expanding into several new regions, starting in the Northeast with New York and New Jersey produce

Seal the Seasons is the first frozen fruit brand to sell locally-grown product at conventional grocery stores. Other major brands that can be found in supermarket frozen food sections sell fruit that comes from all over the world. For example, frozen strawberries often come from Turkey, Egypt, Serbia, Peru and Mexico, while frozen blueberries come from Chile, the Philippines, Ecuador, and Canada. Seal the Seasons American-grown frozen fruit from as close to retailers as possible.

Seal the Seasons began by selling North Carolina frozen produce in North Carolina and neighboring states. With the 2018 crop season, Seal the Seasons is expanding into several new regions, starting in the Northeast with New York and New Jersey produce. Seal the Seasons is also launching local product sourced and sold in the Pacific Northwest, Great Lakes and Pacific Southwest.

Seal the Seasons mission is twofold: (1) to provide consumers with locally-grown frozen fruit year-round and (2) to give family farmers a reliable revenue stream.

Patrick Mateer, Co-Founder & CEO, Seal the Seasons“During college, I worked at my local farmers market and saw food going to waste at the end of each market; farmers needed a new way to connect with consumers. On top of that, my favorite local fruits were only available during the summertime. There had to be a better way. I created Seal the Seasons to connect farmers to grocers so that we could all eat local food and support farmers year-round,” said Mateer.

Small family farms have been closing at an unprecedented rate over the past two decades. Since 2000, approximately 21 percent of family farms have closed their doors. Seal the Seasons is committed to helping keep these farms open by providing a reliable source of revenue by taking their fruit to the market at conventional grocery stores 365 days/year.

ShopRite now carries Seal the Seasons’ New Jersey Blueberries, New York/New Jersey Berry Blend, (New York Blackberries, New Jersey Blueberries, and New Jersey Strawberries) New York Cherries, and New York/New Jersey Cherry Apple Berry (New York Cherries, New York Apples, and New Jersey Blueberries).

For more information about Seal the Seasons, make sure to follow @SealtheSeasons on Twitter and Seal the Seasons on Facebook.

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