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The “Soupman” Iconic TV Star Larry Thomas Will Be Company "Soupman"

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

The Original Soupman, makers of the best-tasting soup in the world, announce the most exciting pairing since soup and crackers: actor Larry Thomas, who Seinfeld fans fell in love with as he yelled, “No Soup For You!” will now be yelling “Soupman Soup for All!” as the The Soupman, the new spokesman for Original Soupman Soups. Thomas, a talented actor and internationally known face, will represent the company across all forms of media and select interviews.

Joseph Hagan, President, Original SoupmanPer Original Soupman President Joseph Hagan, “This pairing brings long awaited and much needed symmetry to our brand. We have always been a fun brand. Our soups are excellent; but the reason we’ve achieved such popularity is really because of the fun factor. We need to exude this creativity, excitement and fun in everything we do.”

The company will start with unique video content written by award-winning script writers and specially designed to become viral content.

The Original Soupman Chicken Noodle

Chief Strategic Advisor Mitch Cohen added, “With Larry by our side, we believe we have a recipe for success as we will couple that video content with tested and approved changes to our consumer-side branding, all with fun, excitement and vibrancy in mind.”

Larry Thomas, The Soupman, Original SoupmanThomas agrees and he’s clearly enjoying his work thus far, stating: “We’re all collaborating on how to bring The Soupman character to life. I can feel the energy and excitement from the content team and I feed off of it. When you’re enjoying your work, it reflects in the quality of the product you put out there. I’m proud to be working with this brand.”

Soupman intends to release regular short videos featuring Thomas to communicate its messaging in a highly scalable and highly relevant way. As Hagan says, “Video content is where our roots are. This is how people fell in love with Larry. We know people love our soup. This is our offering to win them head over heels back in love with our brand. It’s just the beginning of our 'Just Try It!' campaign to be formally announced very soon.”

Mischievous Goats Inspire Mischievous Flavors Veroni - 100 percent humanely raised - Authentic Italian charcuterie

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