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Sweetness Abounds at Chukar Cherries with the Expansion of a New Building

Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

A new year, a new building is the theme at Chukar Cherries. A much-anticipated expansion for the company promises growth in employment, production and room to expand. A new 12,000-sq-ft building is due for completion August of 2018 increasing the company’s total space by 50 percent. The new building will be erected adjacent to Chukar’s present location on Wine Country Road.

Pam Montgomery, Owner and Founder, Chukar CherriesThe expansion into the new building will allow for Chukar to host tours, create much needed office space and house all Chukar activities under one roof. “We are bursting at the seams in our current space and can’t wait to have some room to grow in the new building” says Pam Montgomery, Owner and Founder.

Chukar maintains primary production at their flagship location on Wine Country Road while also occupying a second space in the Port of Benton’s Wine and Food Park. Each location plays an integral role in manufacturing each product. The Wine Country Road location hosts all confection creation, production, sorting, packaging and business activities. The Food Park location is dedicated to the newly released line of bakery items and serves as a secondary retail location.

With the added space Chukar is excited to increase its workforce as well. The new space allows for the addition of 5-10 full time positions as well as increased seasonal positions from October through December. The new year means more space, more jobs, and more cherries at Chukar headquarters in the city of Prosser. Chukar is grateful for the step forward and for the community it calls home.

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