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WCMA Launches Workforce Committee to Address Labor Challenges

Wednesday, September 12th, 2018

The Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association (WCMA) today announced the formation of its new Workforce Committee, designed to help the dairy processing industry recruit and retain high-quality employees through competitive wage and benefits packages, targeted trainings, and outreach to
the emerging labor force.

The WCMA Workforce Committee will hold its first meeting on Tuesday, October 23 from 12 p.m—4 p.m. at Emmi Roth USA’s Monroe plant. Lunch will be provided, and those wishing to attend may register now on

Rebekah Sweeney, WCMA Communications, Education, and Policy Director, Wisconsin Cheesemakers Association“Cheesemakerslike all employersare faced with a challenging workforce shortage that’s set to worsen as Baby Boomers retire,” said Rebekah Sweeney, WCMA Communications, Education, and Policy Director. “With this new committee, WCMA aims to connect and support the industry’s human resources professionals, providing some of the tools they need to attract promising new employees and hold on to their best and brightest.”

The WCMA Committee will be reviewing methods of attracting and retaining good employees

The committee’s October 23 agenda includes: a review of the current WCMA Annual Wage and Benefits Survey and consideration of changes to revamp the survey contents and method of information gathering, discussion of current training offerings and remaining industry educational needs, discussion of desired materials for the promotion of dairy processing as a career field, and consideration of the
value of an Association Health Plan.

Please visit to register to attend the WCMA Workforce Committee meeting by 5 p.m. on Friday, October 19. Questions can be directed to WCMA’s Rebekah Sweeney at or at 608-286-1001.

Lactose-Free BriesVenus Wafers - The Original Mariner Biscut Company - Made simple - Made right

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