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World of Chia Now Available as the Only Naturally Bake-Stable Fruit Base and Fruit Filling in the Market

Woodlands, TX
Thursday, March 7th, 2019

Recent trends to eat cleaner, healthier, and less processed foods with less or no artificial ingredients has led many consumers to search for better alternatives to their everyday favorites. World of Chia makes the switch to clean foods naturally tastier with its Chia Fruit Spreads.

And now, World of Chia launched its bake-stable, all-natural fruit base and fruit filling for use in bakery, cooking, and food service in two presentations: 32 oz glass jars, shelf-stable for 18 months, and 9 lb pails, refrigerator-stable for 12 months. According to Innova Market, the creation of premium adult offerings in bakery, together with sugar reduction, are key innovation themes, with 23% of new bakery launches featuring a clean label claim and 21% featuring a free-from claim (Global 2017). The trend is now healthier products for health-conscious consumers.

World of Chia launched its bake stable, all-natural fruit base and fruit filling for use in bakery, cooking, and food service

World of Chia innovates by bringing healthy indulgence in its product offerings, with lower sugar content, better sugar quality, nutritional content with the addition of chia seeds (Omega 3 ALA), and free-from claims (free from added pectin, acids, synthetic or artificial ingredients).

World of Chia products are made with fruit, cane sugar, or agave nectar, chia seeds and lime juice. The sugar content in the company's different fruit spreads is considerably lower to other fruit spreads in the market. Thus, it ends up with a product that is delicious, Omega 3 ALA, gluten-free, vegan, bake-stable, non-GMO Project Verified, and OU Kosher, with no artificial ingredients.

World of Chia products are available for online purchase through the World of Chia website and through Amazon. The bakery offerings will be available via Supplies on The Fly, and available in stores throughout the country as well.

For more information on World of Chia, visit its website.

Pizza RingsTurn insights into ActionCelebrating 60 years of cheese spread excellence!

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