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Ambriola Cheese: Sophisticated Tastes and Packaging Aesthetics

Ambriola Cheese: Sophisticated Tastes and Packaging Aesthetics

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

While running off to the Italian Riviera might be unlikely for most folks, finding some of the finest cheeses curated in Italy is the reality everyone can enjoy, thanks to Ambriola Cheese. The company, which was acquired three years ago by Auricchio S.p.A, offers tastes and textures to address almost every palate.

Imported Provolone Wedge

Provolone, one of the company’s harder cheeses, appeals to those looking for sophistication with a dash of Italian flare. The nutrition facts sit atop an image of rustic-style packaging that is embellished by the colors adorning the Italian flag. White, red, and green line the label in a crisp fashion, which is stamped with the Auricchio label and the Product of Italy note in the bottom left-hand corner to establish the company’s roots.

The Pecorino al Tartufo is similar in shape to the Provolone, though small bits of truffle are cozied into the cheese throughout, poking through the packaging to entice the luxurious shopper. The label for this sheep’s milk cheese is emboldened by an image of truffles that rest under the Auricchio label on top of its half-moon shaped figure.

Crema al Parmigiano Reggiano Spread

Ambriola’s Crema Spreads just underwent a packaging redesign, now withstanding 30 to 40 days longer on the shelf. These spreads sit in a pure white tub that clasps shut, but what turns heads is the rich green lettering that spells out the Crema name on top of the lid. Framing the titles of the spreads and the Auricchio logo that sits proudly front and center are images of the spreads in their full-bodied form and in use. These creamy-to-the-touch cheeses dollop into recipes for easy mixing, or serve crackers as their own spread.

The company’s grated cheeses come in packages offering mixtures. Sunday Blend, which originally made its debut in a 7-ounce bag before being reintroduced in a sophisticated deli-focused cup, combines Pecorino Romano and Parmigiano Reggiano. The mix has Italian-American roots, but the company’s product allures consumers with its fun name, Sunday Blend, and the nostalgia and emotional tug the name provides.

Sunday Blend 7oz Bag

While Auricchio’s Sunday Blend brings two different cheeses to the table, Locatelli’s Pecorino Romano taps into the traditionally favored savory cheese that Italian cuisine knows and loves. This grated cheese comes in a clear, plastic cup so consumers can see the creamy color in every flake. The cheese is highlighted further with the black and white lettering of Locatelli’s brand name that squares off, enclosing a larger, Italian-flag colored Locatelli logo. This product screams Italian festivities, with its multi-colored décor and fun logo placement that shows off the cheese that sits inside.

With so many charming packaging concepts, the company seemingly has something for everyone and for every dish, making culinary experiences delizioso!

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