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Blue Moose of Boulder Captures Flavor with Artisan-Crafted Spread Line

Blue Moose of Boulder Captures Flavor with Artisan-Crafted Spread Line

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

I can never pass through the deli or bakery department of my local grocery store without taking a peek at what refrigerated spreads are on display, and scooping up at least one. As a consumer, I’m not alone. Making waves in the dips, spreads, and hummus category of specialty food, Blue Moose of Boulder is gaining headway for its unique and artisan offerings. 

Tenley Satre, Marketing Director, Blue Moose of Boulder“At Blue Moose of Boulder, we don’t use high heat or preservatives to keep our hummus, dips, and spreads fresh. Instead we rely on cold pressure or HPP,” says Marketing Director Tenley Satre. “This is a natural step that protects our products by using high pressure to eliminate any bacteria while also maintaining key vitamins and minerals. It results in a fresher taste and 90+ day shelf-life, which is great for consumers and retailers alike!” 

Consumers looking to increase their snacking sessions need only pair their fruits, veggies, crackers, and more with any one of the varied selections that Blue Moose of Boulder offers. Handcrafted in small batches, each offering also boasts a high-quality flavor and texture that is hard to forget. 

For the hummus lover, the company offers a rich and creamy texture infused with flavor options for any type of eater. Those looking for a kick to their hummus have no further to search than Blue Moose of Boulder’s from spicy Smoked Chipotle or its milder kick of Green Chile.

Basil Pesto

To provide a boost to traditional snacking vehicles, and more experimental ones, such as pizzas or deviled eggs, consumers are clamoring for the Roasted Red Pepper, Lime and Black Bean, or Garlic Hummus

The innovative spreads don’t stop there, however. The company also offers a Basil Pesto that is so smooth and flavorful that it transcends just snacking, and could elevate main dish courses like grilled cheese or pasta with ease.

Roasted Red Pepper

Blue Moose of Boulder’s blue 8 oz tubs stand out on the shelf with clean and eye-catching graphics. The packages also serve for easy storage in the fridge, and are re-sealable to last multiple snacking sessions. Furthermore, for consumers looking to take their spreads on-the-go, the company also offers smaller 5.25 oz tubs for its Roasted Red Pepper and Original hummus flavors, paired with multi-grain chips.

Making high-quality spreads for 20 years, Blue Moose of Boulder is striving to achieve a new level of freshness and flavor for consumer favorites. With new milestones and innovations on the way, make sure to stay tuned to Deli Market News for all the latest on this burgeoning company.

Blue Moose of Boulder