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BobbySues's Nuts Showcases Tastes and Trends in Snacking Category

BobbySues's Nuts Showcases Tastes and Trends in Snacking Category

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

Move over yesterday’s snacks, there are some new nuts in town that are taking the snacking category by storm with their unique flavor profile. Pairing together daring seasonings, and even some familiar deli items, BobbySue’s Nuts offers retailers a new way to boost snacking sales.

With a tagline like “Taste to the rescue,” it’s no wonder that the company offers a wide array of on-trend flavor pairings from sweet and spicy, to the salty allure of the Mediterranean olive. The company offers its goods in colorful and striking colors, with options for certain items that range in covetable 8 oz glass jars, to 2.5 oz and 1 oz bags.

The Everything Goes Nuts, a Gold sofi winner, had our office teeming over the realistic “everything bagel” taste infused into each almond, cashew, and pecan. So much so, that we were left wondering if these items would also do well to be found next to the bagels in the bakery department. 

The Some Like it Hot selection also lived up to its name but offering the senses a smooth sweetness, that was then followed by a spicy kick to the tongue that left even the heat-enthused pondering over its taste.

BobbySue’s Nuts offers consumers an answer to every flavorful want in the rest of its selections as well, boasting an Original savory and sweet nut mix, It’s Raining Chocolate with real Fair Trade chocolate, Parm to Table in an Italian tradition, and Mocha My Day with a kick of espresso. Not to forget the company’s FOODMatch-partnered hit of Nuts Over Olives; a sofi Silver award-winner with Divinia brand green and black olives.

The company is looking to further entrench itself in the snacking category by hand roasting all of its mixes in small batches for the most intense flavorful. Furthermore, the selections cater to the health-minded drive of consumers by also boasting a Non-GMO and gluten-free label

Where will these tasty mixes head next? Deli Market News will keep an eye out.

BobbySue's Nuts