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Cracking Into Three of Olli Salumeria's All Natural Salami

Cracking Into Three of Olli Salumeria's All Natural Salami

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

Olli Salumeria prides itself on ensuring that quality, humanely-treated pork and minimal ingredients make up a tasty product.

The company’s slow-cured meats are made artisanally, based on original 160-year-old family recipes. The DeliMarket News team got to crack into three tasty flavors from the meat company to give you a first-hand account of the product.

First note: the packaging.

The company conveys clear images of minimal ingredients and maximum eco-awareness. All three products - Olli Salumeria’s Cabrese, Napoli, and Sopressata salami - come in a resealable, 4oz package. Consumers would be hard-pressed to miss the nature-made message conveyed, with labels including “vegetarian-fed pork” and “no antibiotics ever” right on the front with red font.

This, combined with the 100% gluten free label, ensures that the products meet consumer demands on the health, origin, and natural trends currently gripping the market.

On to the actual product, which showed that natural flavors still convey strong flavors.

Calabrese Spicy Salame

Calabrese Spicy Salame

Let’s take a confession moment to admit that I am born and bred in California, where spicy is ingrained into breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I can appreciate that the Calabrese Spicy Salame has enough kick to satisfy my need for heat without being too powerful to scorch the pallet of those less inclined to turn a taste test into a battle of will.

Napoli Applewood-Smoked Salame

Napole Applewood Smoked Salami

The Napole Applewood Smoked Salame was a hit to the taste buds. The smoky flavor wasn’t overpowering, and again, the ingredients and transparent craft methods gave a comfort that one generally doesn’t get after eating bacon.


Sopressata Robust Salami

Last, but by no means least, Sopressata Robust Salame, which lived well up to its name and, of the three, stood out most as something good for sandwiches and other mixes because of its stand-alone flavor.

Overall, all three are strong additions to the deli aisle as we approach the pinnacle point of football season and the inevitable parties that will ensue.

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