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Peter's Yard Crispbreads Offer Great Taste, Substantive Crunch

Peter's Yard Crispbreads Offer Great Taste, Substantive Crunch

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

U.K.-based Peter’s Yard has made it their mission to bring the best of Swedish baking traditions to the world. The company’s line of crispbreads has made its way stateside, with a pleasing crunch, and stylish packaging that shows off the product, a simple, clean list of ingredients, and speaks to the company’s origins in traditional Scandinavian cuisine.

Peter's Yard crispbreads

The company’s sourdough crispbreads—or knäkebröd, as they say in Swedish—come in a variety of different flavors—from a traditional Original to more exotic flavors like Spelt & Fig, Caraway, and the 2017 sofi™ Award-winning Pink Peppercorn—and formats, as well. Our office couldn’t help but be impressed by the subtle spice of Pink Peppercorn, and Caraway and Original varieties were subtle enough to pair with any number of toppings, but flavorful enough to eat on their own.

Each package offers serving suggestions, as well—offering smoked salmon, pâté, and cheese, among other delicacies, as foods for which Peter’s Yard crispbreads would be an ideal vehicle.

And Peter’s Yard’s website features a number of dip and topping recipes for curious consumers looking to make the most of these unique crisps. From guacamole to blue cheese, hummus to salmon and dill, these versatile crackers add serious crunch and subtle flavor to any number of spreads.

Peter's Yard crispbreads

From a traditional Scandinavian crispbread "wheels"—roughly five inches in diameter, with a hole punched in the center—to smaller-scale rounds and squares appropriate for snacking, Peter’s Yard offers a variety of great-tasting crackers for all occasions.

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