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wildbrine®'s Chris Glab Talks Tapping Into Priobiotic Love with New Products

wildbrine®'s Chris Glab Talks Tapping Into Priobiotic Love with New Products

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

When I think specialty, I think fermented. And when I think flavor, I think wildbrine®. The moment I got my hands on the savory and smoky new products from this company, I was hooked. But let’s be honest, I was drawn to the entire wildbrine family of fermented flavors long before these latest additions to the fresh produce and specialty foods arenas began to grace the retail space. The company packs a flavor punch with health benefits to boot as the kraut connoisseurs keep enticing the consumer palate with familiar and foreign taste combinations.

New to the fold this summer, the company has launched its new Beet Dill and Smoky Kale Probiotic Live Shots as well as wildbrine’s Probiotic Smoky Jalapeño Sriracha and Probiotic Spicy Kimchi Sriracha.

Co-Owner Chris Glab took a moment to share the latest and greatest from the company with me, as we move into the summer months with a flair for fare. 

Chris Glab, Co-Owner, wildbrine“We are just rolling out these new additions to our product line now, with an expanding national footprint,” Chris tells me. “These profiles incorporate ingredients, flavors, and cuisines that are experiencing great popularity and growth trends–beets, kale, korean cuisine, smoky flavors, spicy, sriracha, you name it. When combined in a way that takes into account the major trend of probiotics and gut health, we felt we had a win-win for the retail community.”

Probiotic Live Shots

The wildbrine team comprised of Chris and Co-Founder Rick Goldberg, take great care of their customers, employees, suppliers, and community–continually exploring their wild possibilities and flavor adventures. 

“These products, particularly traditional, naturally fermented, raw, probiotic products have seen extremely strong growth,” Chris adds. “As we move through 2017 and into 2018, we are working on a continuation of our line and introducing familiar products in a probiotic, naturally fermented form…like our new Cole Slaw.” 

Probiotic Sriracha

As we look to the family of products as a whole, for kraut alone, the company has introduced Beets & Their Greens, Brussels Kraut, Curry Cauliflower Kraut, Organic Smoky Kale Kraut, Raw Organic Green Kraut, Raw Organic Red Kraut, and Red Beet & Red Cabbage. On the salsa front, the company boasts a Salsa Rojo and a Salsa Verde, and kimchi concoctions that range from Japanese and Korean, to Thai. Consumers looking to drink their fermented delights can find flavors from Citrusy Japanese and Zesty Thai to Spicy Korean. 

Culinary creativity is alive and well with the wildbrine team and is further proof that eating healthy can be both flavorful and fun, as well as endlessly exciting.   


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wildbrine makes raw, vegan and deliciously fermented kraut, kimchi, shots and salsa flavors that are bold, savory and pack a mean probiotic punch!

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