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Adam Michaels Details MamaMancini’s Portfolio and Growth Strategy

Adam Michaels Details MamaMancini’s Portfolio and Growth Strategy

Wednesday, April 19th, 2023

Built on tradition and grandmother’s approval, MamaMancini’s is known for fresh, clean, easy-to-prepare refrigerated offerings. With a wide selection of culinary specialties, the deli staple is continuing to expand its reach in grocery aisles. I got to sit down with Chief Executive Officer Adam Michaels to dissect the makings of this company aspiring to hit the $1 billion mark.

Adam Michaels, Chief Executive Officer, MamaMancini’s“MamaMancini’s is pretty special; we have what consumers love. Consumers are looking for easy-to-prepare meal options that are clean and fresh. That’s not something we take lightly,” Adam expresses. “We started with authentic heritage recipes, classic Italian comfort foods, and now we’ve become a one-stop shop for all deli, hot bar, salad bar, and refrigerated offerings.”

Adhering to strict grandma standards, Adam, Head of R&D Chef Chris Styler, and Founder Dan Mancini hold ‘Grandma Quality’ meetings to strategize and taste-test new flavors to break out of culinary barriers. Dishes such as General Tsao’s Chicken and Channa Masala are just a few innovative items the company prepares alongside classics such as meatloaf, Chicken Parmesan, stuffed peppers, the hero SKU meatballs, and gluten-free versions.

MamaMancini’s is built on tradition and grandmother’s approval as it becomes a one-stop shop for all deli, hot bar, salad bar, and refrigerated offerings

“Quality and, above all else, fresh and clean ingredients are our core focuses. Our products can be made in the air fryer, stove top, microwave, and oven. We’re building off of that authentic, Italian heritage to really become this one-stop shop deli solution provider,” Adam continues. “With our recent acquisitions of T&L Creative Salads and Olive Branch, we have become a staple in the deli department behind the glass, in the hot or salad bar, prepared food section, and grab-and-go section.”

And as inflation remains a top issue among shoppers, these delicious and savory products will be a sigh of relief to consumers. For just $9.99, a full, ready-to-heat meal can satisfy even the heartiest eater.

“Obviously, we’re all feeling that pinch. When money gets tight, people tend to eat out less. So, when that happens, consumers can find our products to be an easy choice,” Adam says. “For many shoppers, they don't have six hours to braze their own meatballs. Our grandma-quality offerings are sure to satisfy for a fraction of the restaurant price.”

MamaMancini’s is known for innovation and flavor, bringing convenience to shoppers searching for quality products and time-saving solutions

To meet the approval of Grandma’s strict standards, quality products are a necessity. The portfolio has expanded its reach to other culinary regions, but the ingredients are all found within the United States—except for the quality imported Italian cheeses, of course.

“We aim to become that one-stop shop deli solution provider. Our acquisitions allow us to provide fresh proteins and exciting grains to incorporate into our offerings, and by building up our business capabilities, we have a firmer grip on our operations,” continues Adam. “We’ve built up our team with new functional leaders, and I take great pride in ensuring our customer and supplier relationships remain strong. As our portfolio of fresh, clean, and easy-to-prepare offerings grow, built off of the foundation of our authentic heritage, we want to become the go-to partner in the prepared foods deli section.”

By building up the average number of items carried on the shelf, Adam is aiming to maximize logistics and driving margin. Slight improvements across the board can make for major cost savings, while ensuring quality is never lost within the package.

As it aims to break the $1 billion mark, MamaMancini’s continues to bolster its portfolio, leadership team, and relationships to up the average number of items carried on the shelf

“Focusing on our margins allows for MamaMancini’s to reinvest in trade and marketing programs and to focus on our growth agenda,” shares Adam. “We make everything ourselves in our two manufacturing facilities, and I’m proud of that—we’re passionate. I hold to our Three C Strategy: cost, controls, and culture. In a $25 billion space, breaking $1 billion in revenue is a major milestone on my radar.”

Providing quality, flavor, and smiles to shoppers, MamaMancini’s is well on the way to be a leader in the deli space, and DMN is excited to be there for the ride.