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Aldi UK Teams Up With Deliveroo

Aldi UK Teams Up With Deliveroo

Tuesday, May 19th, 2020

For the first time, Aldi UK is introducing home delivery thanks in part to a new partnership. The U.K. discount retail chain launched its inaugural pilot with Deliveroo, which comes at an opportune time as grocery delivery is at its peak in consumer demand.

The grocer announced that its new rapid delivery service—which touts delivery in as little as 30 minutes—will kick off at a Nottingham store before being expanded to seven stores across East Midlands in June.

Aldi UK recently announced a new partnership with Deliveroo, introducing home delivery for the first time

If rapid delivery sounds familiar, it might be because Amazon also recently unveiled its Ultra Fast Fresh delivery service in the U.K. market this past April. Aldi’s latest move makes the grocery delivery market that much more competitive.

A report from Reuters noted that the new grocery delivery service will allow shoppers access to over 150 Aldi products. Once selected by shoppers, Aldi staff will then pick and pack items in-store before Deliveroo’s network of riders delivers the goods directly to consumers.

Will there be more first-ever strategies like this from grocery retailers in the States as well as across the pond? Deli Market News will continue to report on the latest in retail.

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