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Amazon Announces New Fulfillment Center and Delivery Station in Forney, Texas

Amazon Announces New Fulfillment Center and Delivery Station in Forney, Texas

Monday, August 17th, 2020

I can recall the days back when online shopping was a burgeoning concept, and Amazon was a start-up company that exclusively sold books—boy how things have changed! Now a titan of e-commerce, Amazon continues to expand in ways that push innovation and strategy to the maximum potential. The giant’s latest move has the retail empire furthering its territories by moving deeper into the Texas market with a new fulfillment center. The distribution center will be located in Forney, Texas, and is expected to launch in 2021.

Alicia Boler Davis, Vice President of Global Customer Fulfillment, Amazon“We’re excited to be expanding our network of operations in Forney,” said Alicia Boler Davis, Amazon’s Vice President of Gobal Customer Fulfillment. “We are grateful for the strong support we’ve received from local and state leaders as we broaden our footprint around the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. We look forward to creating over 500 jobs for the local Forney community, with industry-leading pay and comprehensive benefits starting on day one.”

In addition to the highly anticipated fulfillment center, Amazon is also planning a new 200,000-square-foot delivery station that will also be located Forney.

Announcing its first fulfillment center in Forney, Texas, Amazon is anticipated to launch the new facility in 2021

The new delivery station is expected to be rolled out later in 2020, further entrenching the behemoth in the Texas market.

Mary Penn, Mayor, Forney, Texas“Bringing a transcendent company such as Amazon to Forney is a huge step for our community,” said Mary Penn, Mayor of Forney. “One of my biggest priorities has been to create more jobs and bring economic opportunity to our citizens. Now more than ever, this is a crucial time for economic growth, and I feel confident Amazon will bring that to the City of Forney. I’m grateful to Amazon, city council, and staff for making this possible.”

With another market added to its vast kingdom, what new locations are on the horizon for Amazon? And, what new innovations will come from the company’s ever-increasing expansion? Keep checking back with Deli Market News for answers to these pressing questions and more.