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Anne's WFFS 2020 Picks

Anne's WFFS 2020 Picks

Monday, January 27th, 2020

It seems nearly sacrilegious to have worked in the specialty foods industry for nearly two years and have not yet attended a Fancy Food Show! Luckily, the stars aligned for this writer, who was able to attend the 2020 Winter Fancy Food Show. As I flitted between cheese, meat, pickles, and baked goods, I found a variety of unique products that caught my eye. Here’s a peek at a few:

Farmhouse Kitchens Butter Crunch Bar

Let me tell you, I’m a sucker for anything that vaguely resembles toffee and this treat from Wisconsin nearly stopped my heart. Made with only three ingredients, this buttery treat is sensational. Hand-crafted in small batches from an Amish kitchen recipe and using only fresh Wisconsin churned butter, this product literally melts in your mouth. For consumers who are looking to indulge, the Butter Crunch Bar delivers on both high-quality ingredients and a dairy community steeped in tradition.

unearthed’s Egg & Potato Omelet

Global flavors are a key differentiator in the retail space, as they offer consumers the chance to travel the world from the comfort of their home. Recently launching its new egg and potato omelet, the company tapped into Mediterranean flavor profiles to awaken the breakfast senses. Although this product is a key breakfast staple, it moonlights as an on-the-go snack and dinner options, highlighting that great products can wear many hats.

Veroni Party Tray

Everyone is chasing after the elevated snacking sector and perhaps no one is doing it so well as Veroni. Combining its cold cuts with cheeses, olives, dried fruit, and crackers for a ready-to-share charcuterie board, this party tray entirely takes out the guesswork of hosting. Not only will consumers love the simplicity of the packaging, which highlights exactly how the charcuterie board should be set up, all they have to do is open it up to be transported to a trendy Italian wine bar. I for one am 1000 percent in.

Rick’s Picks Snacking Pickles

My adoration, love, and undying fidelity goes to pickles and pickles alone. How could anyone turn them away, I ask. In fact, I take my question one step further, and demand how people aren’t packing pickles into their lunch boxes everyday. Here to help consumers do just that is Rick’s Picks, who broke into the new pickles as snacks trend. The snacking pickles come in a variety of flavors, ranging from Cumin-Lime Dill to Spicy Srirachi. Housed in a 2.2 oz bag, they are an ideal on-the-go snacking options. Easily cross-merchandised as a charcuterie add-on—who can deny its simplicity—the five flavors add a certain flair to charcuterie boards, hiking trips, and even kids’ lunch pails.

Giddy Up Nuts Gourmet Spiced Almonds

I never knew how badly I needed this branding in my life until I saw it, but the simple desert landscape paired with a cowboy hat arrested my inner cowgirl. On top of offering incredible flavor options—yeehaw to Rosemary Garlic—this California-based company is ensuring that snacking never tasted so good. Available at select specialty retailers, I have a feeling these almonds are about to make waves nationwide.

Until New York, Fancy Food Show! I eagerly await the next in industry innovation.