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Baldor Specialty Foods Shifts Strategy to Deliver Groceries

Baldor Specialty Foods Shifts Strategy to Deliver Groceries

Friday, May 22nd, 2020

As of late, more buy-side businesses have recently pivoted to direct-to-consumer models. Baldor Specialty Foods is no stranger to this new model, having launched a home delivery service in New York City earlier this year. Now, Baldor has expanded this distribution to a host of new markets.

TJ Murphy, Chief Executive Officer, Baldor Specialty FoodsMore than 30,000 consumers in other major cities have already signed up for the service in the last week alone,” said Baldor’s CEO, TJ Murphy, in a statement at the time, according to news source DCist. “That tells us one thing: We must continue to expand this service to other locations where we operate to help the people there as well.”

And expand this service Baldor did. In addition to New York City, the company’s home delivery program—which provides consumers with fresh grocery staples directly to their homes—now reaches Washington, DC; Jessup, Maryland; New York’s Hudson Valley; Catskills, Connecticut; New Jersey; Massachusetts; and Pennsylvania, according to a press release.

Benjamin Walker, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Baldor Specialty Foods“This is great news for many of those who have left major cities for more rural areas,” said Benjamin Walker, Baldor’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Our home delivery program brings restaurant-quality foods to your door, and we are thrilled to now make our service available to thousands of more families.”

The wholesaler first kicked off its strategy after its restaurant and foodservice customers across the Northeast were forced to close down because of the pandemic. Baldor then shifted to include this direct-to-consumer model, expanding its facilities in Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC, to support the move and the program’s burgeoning success.

Baldor Specialty Foods launched a home delivery service in New York City earlier this year that has already been expanded to a host of new markets

“Providing high-quality products with exceptional service is how Baldor has earned its reputation in the food business,” continued Murphy. “We are enjoying being able to take that same service to home consumers during this challenging time. With this expansion, we can continue to support our farms and partners and deliver the Baldor experience to even more consumers.”

As our industry continues to shift its strategy to meet the market’s needs, what innovation will we see next? Deli Market News will be here to find out.

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