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Bard Valley Natural Delights® Unveils New Line of Truffles; Nancy Roser Shares

Bard Valley Natural Delights® Unveils New Line of Truffles; Nancy Roser Shares

Monday, March 14th, 2022

Flavor trends come and go, but consumers’ love of sweet treats is eternal. Indulging this sweet tooth with its lineup of better-for-you offerings, Bard Valley Natural Delights® is launching a new line of Truffles to accompany its roster of Mini Medjool Date varieties.

Nancy Roser, Southeast Sales Manager, Bard Valley Natural Delights®“For buyers, these items will delight their consumers, driving repeat purchases and great velocities,” explains Nancy Roser, Southeast Sales Manager. “We have done consumer trials with both items, and they have been very well received, with 90 percent of people saying they would buy Mini Medjools and Truffles for themselves and their families. With any product, taste is king, and these products both have an amazing flavor and taste.”

Available later this year for broader distribution, Bard Valley’s Truffles come in 5 oz packages and will be launched in three mouth-watering flavors: Chocolate Probiotic, Milk Chocolate Cherry, and Dark Chocolate Blueberry. Entirely new to the company, the truffles combine the health benefits of dates with beloved chocolate to create a well-rounded, indulgent snack that will satisfy cravings without guilt.

Bard Valley Natural Delights® is preparing to show off its new Truffles, which will be available later this year for broader distribution

“Part of our goal is to introduce dates to new consumers in unique ways, so the category is more approachable,” Nancy adds. “We want to lead them to make purchases of our value-added product by delighting them, then eventually ease them into the date category as a whole by removing some of the negative stigmas that can sometimes surround Medjool Dates.”

These new Truffles will join Bard Valley’s already popular Mini Medjools. Available in three core flavors—Coconut and Sweet & Salty Almond, which come in 12 oz packages, and Cacao Pecan, available in 10 oz containers—Mini Medjools provide a new twist on classic date rolls, offering a smaller size that is perfect for snacking or on-the-go.

Bard Valley Natural Delights® will also be displaying its already popular Mini Medjools line, which comes in three core varieties and presents consumers with a smaller size date that is perfect for on-the-go snacking

As both lines hit the grocery shelves, Bard Valley is reporting excitement from not only shoppers as they look for fun ways to incorporate produce into their diets, but buyers as well.

“We re-released Mini Medjools this past fall, and since then, we have seen double-digit growth,” says Nancy. “For Truffles, every customer we have shown so far has been very excited, seeing much potential to add a unique value-added item to their shelves.”

As your shoppers go in search of the perfect better-for-you treats to indulge their sweet tooth, greet them in the aisles with Bard Valley’s flavorful lineup of Truffles and Mini Medjool Dates.

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