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Bolthouse Farms Innovates With Latest Additions to Portfolio; Amy Shoemaker Discusses

Bolthouse Farms Innovates With Latest Additions to Portfolio; Amy Shoemaker Discusses

Tuesday, January 24th, 2023

At the heart of every company, there’s a host of strategists working on product innovation. Such is the case for Bolthouse Farms, which has a host of product launches under its belt to kick us off in 2023. To learn more, I spoke with Marketing Director Amy Shoemaker.

Amy Shoemaker, Marketing Director, Bolthouse Farms“We’re proud to launch eight new offerings this year, all of which deliver plentiful nutrition benefits. At Bolthouse Farms, we believe juices and smoothies should be approachable, delicious, and provide a boost to not only your health but also your mood,” Amy shared with me.

One product innovation is Bolthouse’s new Energy Platform, which provides juice-loving consumers with a more nutritious way to recharge. Each bottle contains 3 ¾ servings of fruit and veg, anchored by the company’s signature carrot juice, plus balanced energy from natural green coffee bean extract and L-Theanine.

“Each bottle is a blend of carrot with complimentary fruits like orange, grapefruit, pineapple and peach for a deliciously balanced and refreshing juice,” Amy noted. “We’ve also expanded our line of feel-good nutrition with Golden Goodness, which joins our existing lineup of Green, Red and Blue Goodness. Golden is a blend of golden-hued fruits and vegetables, such as peach, banana, mango, and even yellow carrots, plus a hint of passion fruit for a truly new flavor experience.”

Bolthouse Farms will be launching eight new products in 2023, including its Energy Platform

Like its Energy Platform counterpart, a single-serve bottle of Golden Goodness delivers 3 ¾ servings of fruit and vegetables. It launches in March of this year.

“With inflation and recessionary dynamics, the consumer is looking for solutions that deliver value for money and part of that is broad family appeal. Available in multi-serve and single-serve, Goodness will satisfy everyone at the table,” she added.

Part of Bolthouse’s broad appeal is that the company delivers healthful options in delicious packages, especially since most shoppers are hunting for quick, guilt-free meal options.

“Consumers are always looking for ways to balance their busy lifestyles and as a result are looking for convenient energy boosts throughout the day,” Amy commented, noting the ways in which these juices can act as healthier alternatives to coffee, soda, or energy drinks.

We’ll continue to follow up on product launches and innovations, so stick with Deli Market News for the latest.

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