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Bonduelle Fresh Americas' Deanna Jurgens Discusses Strategic Success of Bistro Bowls® as Model For Coming Launches

Bonduelle Fresh Americas' Deanna Jurgens Discusses Strategic Success of Bistro Bowls® as Model For Coming Launches

Wednesday, March 27th, 2024

It has been a transformative year for Deanna Jurgens. Celebrating her first anniversary at Bonduelle Fresh Americas, the Chief Sales Officer took some time to discuss with me the rocketship trajectory of the company’s Bistro Bowls and how this sets the tone for several new cards in its proverbial deck of offerings.

Deanna Jurgens, Chief Sales Officer, Bonduelle Fresh Americas“Bonduelle has an intriguing legacy as really the first brand to create the bowl segment, answering demand from consumers and closing the gap in distribution of branded products in this segment. Ours is a story of clearly understanding where opportunity existed,” Deanna explained.

That recognition is being proven by the tight hold Bonduelle still has on the increasingly popular bowl category, currently standing at 41 percent. With in-house culinary expertise and experimentation, as well as a devotion to quality and flavor, Deanna said the company is poised for new introductions both within Bistro Bowls and even other segments of the category.

Bonduelle Fresh Americas continues to dominate in the salad bowl category with its Bistro Bowls offering“Bistro Bowls have been a great success story, and now we are utilizing that strategy as a starting point for other segments,” Deanna explained, teasing that much is in the works for this year. “Offering versatility through variety and enabling a rotation of flavors has been a key component to the Bistro line.”

Deanna is well-known and respected within the industry, having made the leap to Bonduelle after serving as President, North America, and Chief Growth Officer for plant-based giant Beyond Meat, and before that nearly 16 years climbing the ranks under the PepsiCo umbrella.

“It was certainly exciting,” Deanna smiled reflecting on her experience, but said both the draw of fresh and the culture of Bonduelle, a family-owned and led company founded 170 years ago, have been an incredible change.

Leveraging its Bistro Bowls success, Bonduelle Fresh Americas is looking to innovate furtherWhen it comes to the premium level associated with the salad bowl category, Bistro Bowl included, it is this confidence Deanna leans into as well as existing proof of consumers’ willingness to prioritize such items on a menu.

“We are aware that everyone is feeling the focus on price and we have taken steps throughout our supply chain to ensure our recommended SRP is as reasonable as possible. But when I think of a restaurant setting and the prices of what is on the menu, the proof is there that consumers, especially the younger generation, are willing to spend for high-quality, healthy food. It is a matter of how we help connect that back to what we are offering in the store,” Deanna observed as she gave me a glimpse of just one aspect of what the company is cooking up behind the curtain.

Seeking disruption as the company expands size options to existing offerings, new flavors to favored brands, and even new product lines as a whole, this year is set to be an exciting one for Bonduelle.

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