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Boston Market Shutters 10% of its Stores

Boston Market Shutters 10% of its Stores

Wednesday, July 10th, 2019

Boston Market, known best for its rotisserie chicken, recently announced that it will be trimming its store locations. In a letter that CEO Frances Allen penned to her employees, the company will be closing 45 stores due to underperformance. As reported by Nation’s Restaurant News, six restaurants shut down on June 30, 2019, while the remaining 39 will close on July 27.

Frances Allen, CEO, Boston Market“We must take steps to ensure our operational structure will support long-term sustainability,” the letter read. “Part of that effort involves continuously analyzing our geographic footprint and real estate portfolio to assess the ongoing viability of locations. The dynamics of geographic areas can change dramatically over time, sometimes impacting the performance of a location.”

Boston Market recently announced it will shutter 45 locations

Allen stated that all displaced employees would find employment opportunities at other stores or receive a severance package.

“Our success is not going to be measured by the number of stores; it’s going to be driven by and measured by our ability to execute on our agenda,” Allen concluded.

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