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California Lavash Rebrands to Atoria's Family Bakery

California Lavash Rebrands to Atoria's Family Bakery

Friday, May 31st, 2019

As a society that is arguably the most connected it’s ever been, it seems only natural that shoppers these days want to feel that same connectedness to the food they’re purchasing and consuming. And companies across our industry have stepped up to meet this demand however they see fit. For California Lavash, this meant a comprehensive rebrand of its name, look, packaging, and recipe.

I had the chance to speak with Lilea Eshoo, Chief Operating Officer, and Inanna Eshoo, Foodservice Director, to find out more about the company’s new name, Atoria’s Family Bakery, and how it’s an effort to clue shoppers in to its family story.

Lilea Eshoo, Chief Operating Officer, Atoria's Family Bakery“We’ve always wanted to pay homage to our grandmother Atoria,” Lilea shared with me. “It was becoming more and more apparent that California made our company seem too regional and lavash didn’t make sense anymore because we have since branched out to bake Naan, Flatbread Pizza Shells, and Pita. Our company has always been about family, and Atoria’s recipe and family bakery has been the base of our operations since our inception. So, there wasn’t a big discussion; this is who we are: Atoria’s Family Bakery.”

In addition to the new name, the company’s rebrand also includes a modified recipe and refreshed packaging that better highlights the features the company’s products have always had. While the recipe is still the short ingredient deck consumers have come to seek, Lilea and Inanna explained that the recipe was altered so that the calorie count is lower and health is front and center, along with Atoria herself, of course.

Inanna Eshoo, Foodservice Director, Atoria's Family Bakery“For our new packaging, we wanted people to know Atoria is a real person—not a city in New York or Oregon. And more importantly, we wanted our consumers to know she’s our grandmother. We wanted the packaging to represent our grandmother, but in a way that’s fun, modern, and approachable,” Inanna said. “Now, our packaging leaves us with a warm feeling that reminds us of Atoria, and we want to pass along that warmth to consumers.”

The new name also allows Atoria’s Family Bakery to broaden the reach of California Lavash. Atoria’s Family Bakery will allow more people and families across the country access to the company's clean-label, healthy, and authentic bread.

The company’s rebrand includes a modified recipe and a fun, modern, and approachable refreshed design

“We’re confident going forward that the authentic family story will appeal to shoppers because consumers are looking for products that tell a story. We’re sure that once people hear the story, shoppers will be drawn to it. And on top of that, our products are made simply in a clean way, which also better positions us to reach consumers nationwide and meet trends,” Lilea continued.

Atoria’s Family Bakery is previewing its new look at IDDBA. If you’re not sure where to find the Atoria’s team, swing by booth #3538 and just look for Lilea and Inanna sporting “Atoria’s Favorite Grandchild” t-shirts!

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