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Christy Khattab and Janne Rasmussen Detail Cypress Grove’s Wins from California State Fair, ICDA, and ACS

Christy Khattab and Janne Rasmussen Detail Cypress Grove’s Wins from California State Fair, ICDA, and ACS

Friday, August 4th, 2023

California is widely known for being one of the homes for cheese in the United States, but it’s always exciting to hear California-based producers nabbing awards as a California native. Cypress Grove Director of Marketing Christy Khattab and Marketing Manager Janne Rasmussen shared with me the awards the cheesemaker brought home from the California State Fair, International Cheese & Dairy Awards (ICDA), and the American Cheese Society (ACS).

Christy Khattab, Director of Marketing, Cypress Grove“This is an especially exciting achievement for the Cypress Grove team. The California State Fair is our first award win for our Meyer Lemon and Honey,” said Christy. “Winning so many honors in this competition is even sweeter because it’s our home state—it feels wonderful to continue winning awards for beloved goat cheeses that have such strong roots in California’s specialty food culture.”

At the California State Fair Commercial Cheese Competition, Cypress Grove brought home four gold awards for:

  • Humboldt Fog, which also won Best of California
  • Meyer Lemon and Honey, its first award!
  • Truffle Tremor
  • Fog Lights

After clinching four golds, the cheesemaker headed over the pond to ICDA, where it earned four more awards for its:

  • Humboldt Fog
  • Fog Lights
  • Meyer Lemon and Honey, including Best USA Cheese!
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If you’re impressed, wait until you hear about the ACS awards. The cheesemaker also nabbed two awards from the event:

  • Fromage Blanc, first place
  • Humboldt Fog, third place

Janne Rasmussen, Marketing Manager, Cypress Grove“Bringing home awards from ACS and ICDA is also very encouraging,” said Janne. “Our presence continues to build, and having this recognition on our products will continue to expand our reach. The specialty cheese sector is a dynamic industry, and we’re looking forward to putting more Cypress Grove cheeses into baskets.”

Congratulations on the well-deserved recognition!

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