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Daring Launches Plant-based Chicken at Sprouts Farmers Market

Daring Launches Plant-based Chicken at Sprouts Farmers Market

Monday, March 9th, 2020

As the plant-based craze continues to gain momentum, organic and natural grocers are teaming up with providers to broaden their selection of vegan and vegetarian fare. Last week it was Fresh Thyme Farmers Market that was aligning with Hormel, and this week, it’s Sprouts Farmers Market who has chosen to unite with up-and-comer Daring Foods, one of the first plant-based chicken providers in the market.

Kim Coffin, Senior Vice President of Non-Perishables, Sprouts"We're excited to offer our guests Daring's plant-based chicken alternative in our frozen aisle. For years, Sprouts has made a plant-based diet accessible to everyday shoppers by offering a wide selection of easy-to-find products, which are growing in popularity with today's consumer seeking a more sustainable way to eat," said Kim Coffin, Sprouts' Senior Vice President of Non-Perishables.

Sprouts Farmers Market has teamed up with Daring Foods to bring plant-based chicken to its stores

According to a press release, Daring selected Sprouts as its first retail partnership because of its reputation as a driving force for innovation in natural and organic foods since its inception and has introduced customers to numerous niche brands.

Ross Mackay, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Daring Foods"With this launch, we are excited to bring Daring pieces to dinner tables across America," said Ross Mackay, Co-Founder and CEO of Daring Foods. "Daring is leading the charge as the second-generation, plant-based meat alternative that is made from simple ingredients, is easy to cook, and matches the texture and taste of chicken. From cooking to the very first bite, customers will see that we are not an alternative, but an upgrade."

Beginning this month, Daring Foods’ 10 oz pouches of original Daring pieces—which are gluten free and contain 20 grams of protein per serving—will be available at more than 340 Sprouts Farmers Market locations across the country.

For more on the latest plant-based team-ups, stay tuned to Deli Market News.

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