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Deli Market News Shares August 2023 Picks

Deli Market News Shares August 2023 Picks

Tuesday, August 29th, 2023

August is a bittersweet time in my summer—just as I begin to master the routines of going out, the days begin to shorten. Yet there are bright spots in the pre-shoulder season, such as the tasty offerings that tend to straddle the line between delicious summer and decadent fall. See which ones stood out the most in recent weeks below.

Bard Valley Natural Delights® Medjool Date Strips with Chile Lime

These tasty fruits brought me back to my Californian childhood, when I used to beg for a lime and chile “candy” for having to behave at the grocery store. Now, the niche flavor has become a full on trend and Bard Valley is making it a healthier one to support with Medjool dates as the base fruit. I see parental consumers being thrilled to treat themselves and their kids to this snack!

LaClare Creamery Expanded Chèvre Line

Cutting-edge suppliers continue to expand the reach of the Chili Lime kick, with the flavor also appearing amid the three debut items LaClare introduced to its rising Chèvre line. Complemented, or perhaps bookended, by Mediterranean Goat Cheese and Pumpkin Goat Cheese, the new additions spell maximized seasonal impulse inspiration for shoppers.

COLUMBUS® Handcrafted Charcuterie Board

The summer is winding down, but the need for a delicious snack spread is just getting started. As picnics and outdoor get togethers cool down into sports gatherings and holiday parties, I have a feeling a carefully curated charcuterie board crafted by experts will be just the ticket for consumers who want to ace hosting this year.

Litehouse California Pizza Kitchen Dressings

This foodservice delicacy (yes, it is) has now hit some of the biggest banners in grocery. As parents look to bring the sauces and flavors of outdoor eating home for convenience and savings, this partner offering from Litehouse and CPK—CPK is a global brand serving nearly 200 restaurants worldwide, 12 international cities, and 11 countries and U.S., according to its own website—is perfectly aligned with family eating as the kids head back to school.

Atalanta Royal Mahout Brand Refresh

I would argue a brand refresh can be as or more challenging than a launch in many cases. Whether it is because the original needed modernizing or simply has a new message, the rollout is often a gradual one that commands patience, effort, and commitment from both the supply- and buy-side. With a bold new design, confidence in the upward climb of Royal Mahout, and more story to tell, Atalanta has executed its expertise well!

May this grocery list of sorts help our buy-side make a few additions to their shopping plans as well as the seasonal changeover begins.

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